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13 November 2014
East Midlands Today

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Colin Hazelden

Colin Hazelden

Colin Hazelden

Ever since I was old enough to think about this sort of stuff I wanted to be a journalist - I don't know why...

... it's not exactly depicted as glamorous in the films or on the telly. Even "Shoestring" was about a radio man - and I wasn't bothered about broadcasting at that stage. As for sport: well, I came late to that, but once bitten by the bug at my local non-league football team, that was it.

I began with local paper work experience, which somehow ended up with me writing the entire back page and being shouted at by Martin O'Neill, but broadcasting became my thing at university. No-one listened to University Radio Hull. Literally nobody. And yet I was still utterly terrified reading my first news bulletin. And then Viking FM (a REAL radio station!) got me to do live football reports. Let me tell you, that much adrenaline soon becomes addictive.

There was suddenly nothing else I wanted to do.

All that experience got me into the BBC. Who sent me on my training to Norwich, Cheltenham and then, finally, to York. I stayed there for the best part of 10 years doing everything the radio world had to offer. Reporting, interviewing, presenting.

In the middle I had a year in Sheffield doing sport on the radio again. (Note for aspiring commentators: have hot Ribena standing by when you're doing three or four games a week. It soothes the vocal cords.) And that led to Channel Four and an Ice Hockey series I did where, for the first time, people started saying, "you should be on the telly more".

Luckily for me, the bosses here at EMT agreed with them. I can't think of a better spot to do sport. Clubs that pogo between leagues and change managers or coaches at a drop of a hat. Takeovers. Money. No money. Protests. Formula One. Supreme swimmers, paddlers, gymnasts, athletes. And fans that care desperately, passionately for their club or their sport. Marvellous.

Top 10 list

1. Best Song Ever:  Am I allowed to nominate the entirety of Rubber Soul by The Beatles?

2. Best TV Show Ever: Black Books. The first series. Genius.

Colin Hazelden

Colin presents the sport on EMT

3. Best personal broadcasting moment: Knee deep in water at three in the morning in the Great Yorkshire Flood of 2000 being able to tell 1,000 people camped out in a school that their homes were safe.

4. Best place in England: Wembley when you're winning.

5. Favourite / worst food: Favourite: Lasagne, food of the Gods. Worst: There was this burger at Colchester United's Layer Road once ... but I don't want to talk about it.

6. Favourite / worst drink: Favourite: The real ale with the weirdest name in the pub.  Worst: There was this coffee at Colchester United's Layer Road once ... but I don't want to talk about it.

7. Favourite / worst animal: Favourite: A lost black and white cat - soppy as anything. Worst: Possums in New Zealand. Single-handedly destroying an eco system. Kill them all.

8. Favourite name for boy / girl :  Ben and Charlotte

9. Favourite sport / least favourite sport: I'll watch anything competitive. That bloke in the pub yelling at the curling during the Winter Olympics? Probably me. I'll let you into a secret, though: I'm personally rubbish at sport. Take cricket, I don't bowl and (if I play at all) I bat number 11. Enough said.

10. Favourite politician / historical figure :  Charles Darwin, for transforming the way we look at the world.

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You are in: East Midlands Today > Presenters > Colin Hazelden

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