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13 November 2014
East Midlands Today

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Anne Davies

Anne Davies

Anne Davies

Two things I said I would never do were news and breakfast television - the lesson learnt was NEVER say there's something you won't do!

But it all started a million years ago when I joined BBC Current Affairs straight out of my secretarial crammer course for gals!

I worked on Panorama, Question Time and The Money Programme and bombarded the 6 o'clock nightly news magazine programme with truly appalling ideas for their show. Next stop was Radio Leicester and Radio Derby.

There I perfected the art of carrying a tray of teas and coffees, all the newspapers and a great pile of tapes - at the same time.

I learnt how to manoeuvre the radio car onto the pavement in order to interview unsuspecting members of the public at a moment's notice and found out just how horrid it is getting up to do the breakfast shift!

After training for a year at ITN, the "never doing news" claim bit the dust. But it wasn't all news - we also managed to infiltrate the realms of fashion, health, beauty and environmental programming.

But all good things come to an end (although I don't know why they should) and the last "never do" was about to become - the next job!

GMTV or to give it its proper name - Good Morning Television - although 'morning' is pushing it rather - it ought to be called 'Middle of the Night TV'.

Up at 3am (argh!) but a girl can only miss her beauty sleep for so long, so after eight years of newscasting, cookery, foreign travel and fun it was back home to Leicestershire, lots of friends and a job you usually only get to dream of!

Top 10 list

1. Best Song Ever: Postman Pat - mainly because it's number three in my music book (after Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Kum Ba Yah) and I STILL haven't mastered it on the piano yet.

2. Best TV Show Ever: It would be the lottery if we won.

3. Best personal TV moment: ... still thinking about that one!

4. Best place in England: Apart from my house, anywhere near the sea.

5. Favourite / worst food: Just about anything although risotto and chocolate top the list (not together).

6. Favourite / worst drink: Just about anything again apart from some of those horrid green liqueurs.

7. Favourite / worst animal: Dogs with big eyes, foals and guinea pigs.

8. Favourite name for boy / girl: Joseph, Sam, Rosie and Hermione (think I'm in the minority for the last one).

9. Favourite sport / least favourite sport: I have to say motor and motorbike racing or my household will disown me.

10. Favourite politician / historical figure: Mo Mowlam.

last updated: 19/01/2009 at 11:33
created: 19/09/2006

You are in: East Midlands Today > Presenters > Anne Davies

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