Celebrating 25 years of dramatic endings - D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

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Years of alcoholism, affairs, attempted suicide and a terrible lie about a terminal illness to keep her man finally caught up with Angie Watts on Christmas Day, 1986. Preparing to start a new life with his mistress Jan, husband Den served her with an upleasant present - divorce papers - in one of the most watched episodes in TV history.

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Daneille Jones

Run down

Danielle crashes out of Walford, under the wheels of Janine's motor.

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Dot and Jim Branning

London Eye Do

Jim gets down on one knee and pops the question to Dot, high above the capital.

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Frank Butcher

Flirty Frank

Frank Butcher puts Pat into a spin when he comes back into her life.

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Grant Mitchell

Hello mum

The Mitchells are reunited once more, when Grant joins Phil and Billy to rescue Peggy.

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Kat and Zoe Slater

Mum's the word

Kat Slater finally drops the sister act with Zoe, to reveal she was her mum all along.

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Max and Lauren Branning, and Stacey Slater

Caught on camera

The DVD nobody wanted for Christmas reveals Max and Stacey's affair to Tanya.

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Little Mo and Trevor Morgan

Iron fist

Stretched to breaking point, Little Mo flattens abusive husband Trevor.

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Phil Mitchell

Who shot Phil?

Villanous Phil takes a bullet. The identity of his would-be killer remained a mystery for months.

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Derek Branning

Derek Branning

Played by Jamie Foreman

Janine Butcher

Janine Butcher

Played by Charlie Brooks

Tyler Moon

Tyler Moon

Played by Tony Discipline

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