MAJOR SPOILER: Baby heartbreak for Ronnie and Kat

Jack, Ronnie, Kat, Alfie

Thursday 11 November 2010

Emotive New Year storyline is revealed.

As 2010 in Walford draws to a close, a particularly dramatic event is set to rock the residents of Albert Square. If you do not wish to be spoiled, however, you may decide that it's best not to read on.

In the run up to New Year's Eve both Kat and Ronnie give birth. Unfortunately, one of the babies dies soon after, leading to Ronnie, in the heat of the moment, making a terrible decision to swap the newborns as Albert Square's residents go about their New Year's Eve celebrations.

"This story built on the rich history both characters have built up over the years and the story team have worked hard to make this convincing and powerful," EastEnders' Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood told us.

"Although EastEnders is a fictional drama we have, of course, taken great care to thoroughly research this storyline, which will reflect a issue close to the hearts of some of our audience," he added. "We're fortunate to have two wonderful actresses, Jessie Wallace and Samantha Womack, who understand the need to portray such an emotive subject sensitively."

"Viewers will know that Ronnie has had a difficult past, losing both her daughter and father in the last couple of years," he added. "When she loses the one thing she's always wanted, she acts on impulse in a moment of sheer grief and desperation."

Joyce Epstein, Director of the cot death charity FSID, said: "We are very grateful to EastEnders for their accurate depiction of the devastating effect that the sudden death of an infant can have on a family. We hope that this story will help raise the public's awareness of cot death, which claims 300 babies' lives each year."

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