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28 October 2014

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Guide to Classic episodes
currently showing Xmas
Thu 25 Dec 1986
Christmas '86 - the divorce papers
Angie wanted a perfect Christmas Day, but Den had a surprise in store.
Fri 25 Dec 1987
Xmas 87 - Den loves being dad
Den loved being with his daughter Vicki at Christmas.
Thu 22 Dec 1988
Nick Cotton
Xmas 88 - Den in prison
Den had company in jail at Christmas, but who was it?
Thu 26 Dec 1991
Grant and Sharon
Grant and Sharon get hitched
Sharon needed a dress fast as she was getting married on Boxing Day.

Sat 25 Dec 1993
Aidan Brosnan
Christmas 93 - Aidan avoids suicide
Christmas cheer was very thin on the ground this year.
Mon 25 Dec 1995
Xmas 95 - Frank's return
What reasons would Frank give for disappearing?
Wed 25 Dec 1996
Xmas 96 - Grant's seduction
Tiffany was pregnant but that didn't stop Grant's fling with a barmaid.
Thu 25 Dec 1997
Alex and Kathy
Xmas 97 - Kathy seduces the Priest
Kathy had a soft spot for vicar Alex Healey.
Fri 25 Dec 1998
Xmas 98 - Bianca's baby
Bianca delivered more than just presents on Xmas day!
Tue 25 Dec 2001
Kat and Zoe
Xmas 2001 - Zoe's return
Kat was determined to bring Zoe home for Christmas.

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