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24 September 2014

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Peggy's boys are back
Mon 24 Oct 2005
Phil and Grant arrive in the nick of time. Sonia's devastated by Martin's deceit.

Grant and Phil
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Ruby's stayed the night at Pat's. Pat thinks that Peggy's a fool for harbouring Ruby. Peggy insists that she's not scared of Johnny. She decides to miss Phil's court appeal to look after Ruby instead.
Sonia and Martin
Martin confesses to Sonia that he accidentally posted Rebecca's birthday card and that Margaret read it. He admits that he and Pauline went to Rebecca's party. Furious, Sonia throws water in his face.
Billy asks Johnny to lay off Peggy. Johnny warns Billy that he'll hold Peggy personally responsible if Ruby doesn't return. Later, Ruby overhears Billy relaying Johnny's threats.
Minty, Ian and Garry
Ian lectures Minty and Garry about cutting business costs. They give Ian a joke order for the Arches. Humiliated, Ian fires them. Garry's confident that Ian will beg them to return.
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