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E20 social media: staying safe

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There's a reason why they call Fatboy "Failsafe Fatboy". Well okay, only he calls himself that.

Either way, we all want to tweet, comment and post to our hearts content without anyone ruining it all. Here's a few hints and tips on how to stay safe online...

There's a lot of fakers out there. Loads of websites and social media profiles claim to belong to EastEnders and E20 actors and characters. In most cases, cast members do not have such accounts, so do not believe that you are chatting to them. The only official BBC EastEnders character profiles are the ones linked to from E20 Twitter page.

Never share your password with anyone. Strangers can get hold of sensitive information about you, and even steal your identity and financial information online. Never put your phone number, address, school or anything that might identify you on your account. True friends have already got your digits.

Adjust your privacy settings so that only your true friends can bug you. Most sites have FAQ's, so when in doubt about how to do this, check 'em out.


Are they really your friend? Only accept friend requests and followers from people you know. People can assume false identities. They might not be who they say they are. Be careful who you are talking to.

Report users and content that threatens you. Block any unwanted so-called friends. It's anonymous, so don't worry about them finding out.

Lights, camera, action. That piccy of you on your hols is fab to show friends, but you might not want strangers to see them. Remember to set the "no pic forwarding" option on your MySpace settings, and the "Friends only" one on your Facebook account. Also remember, you can always de-tag yourself by hitting "Remove Photo".

Remember Tweets are public and up forever. Posts could haunt you later on. You're shouting your message to the world, so check it twice. If you want your Tweets to only be available to approved followers you can set the status of your account to protected.

Check your social networking site's FAQ's for more details or check out the BBC Chatguide and BBC Online Safety pages.

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