EastEnders E20 Series 2

Drama from Albert Square

Secret scene: Picnic in the rain

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There's nothing worse than a soggy sponge, but Stevie and Naz get stuck in anyway!

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Identity Crisis

Naz tries to improve on Fatboy's bodged fake ID by taking some, erm, sophisticated photos...

Tube rap

Stop! It's Stevie time. Improvised post-party pop from MC Stevie! Could we have the next M.I.A. on our hands?

Ad break

We follow Sol and Asher as they take SmasherDance online. Action!

Picnic in the rain

There's nothing worse than a soggy sponge, but Stevie and Naz get stuck in anyway!

Café game

The awesome foursome sneak booze into the cafe, but a sozzled Sol just doesn't have a clue who he is.

The kissing game

Snogging secrets and horrors stories from Naz and Stevie. No tongues please!

Phone home

Having fought with his brother, a bruised Sol leaves an emotional message for his mum.

Viva Las Vegas!

Naz falters at the alter, as a 'nightmare' wedding to Ekin gets out of hand.


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Sol, Asher, Stevie and Naz strike a pose.

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