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Fat Boy

played by Ricky Norwood

Arthur Chubb has invented all manner of personas since he was seven years old - in an attempt to avoid being his real self. His current and most sustained self-creation is brash wheeler-dealer Fat Boy.

Status: Single
Current location: 89b George Street
Occupation: Student

Most likely to say:

Man's gotta plan!

Meet Fat Boy

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What's his story?

Fat Boy is bored of his home life wants to escape. His 'Jordan' duvet cover, and posters of Jessica Alba are not part of the gangster image. Fat Boy needs to up his street cred - and moving from Wanstead to Walford might turn his image around.

Found on:

Fat Boy

Fat Boy's camera: Survival guide
Fat Boy reveals his top ten essential tips for surviving in Walford's Albert Square.

Fat Boy and Leon

Fat Boy's webcam: Bootilicious
"I don't think you're ready for this jelly" - Leon catches Fat Boy singing along to Destiny's Child's Bootilicious.

Fat Boy and Leon

Fat Boy's webcam: Macho man
Fat Boy catches Leon checking if his body matches up to D'Angelo's from his "How Does It Feel?" video.

Fat Boy

Fat Boy's phone: Message for Mercy
Fat Boy makes a video message for Mercy, and takes himself by surprise with his feelings for her

Word up

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Fat Boy photos

Fat Boy

Check out cool pics and wallpapers in our Fat Boy picture gallery.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Sam's Walford tour

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Sam's goes walkabout in Walford.

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