EastEnders E20

Drama from Albert Square only online

Behind the Scenes of Series 1


Emer's photoshoot
Join Emer Kenny as she gets snapped on a very wet and blustery day!


Night shoot
Go behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew as they film a car chase.


Sam Cam
Follow Sam as he films himself at work and play over an average E20 day.


Sam's Walford tour
Follow Sam as he explores the secrets of the E20 backlot.

Ricky and Bunmi

Cab Cam
Bunmi and Ricky join forces and freestyle about working on E20.

Emer Kenny

Emer Kenny
Emer Kenny chats about playing Zsa Zsa, "doof doof" moments and more.

Ricky Norwood

Ricky Norwood
The man behind Fat Boy tells us how he gets into character.

Sam Attwater

Sam Attwater
Sam chats about playing Sam, acting with confidence - and pants!

Michael Keillor

Michael Keillor
The director of E20 talks about filming the online drama.

Deborah Sathe

Deborah Sathe
The producer of E20 talks about the show's fresh talent.

Remixer Carl Darling

Theme tune remix
Creating an exciting new sound for a new era of EastEnders.

Fat Boy and Mercy

The making of E20
The inside scoop oncreating the show from BBC Media Literacy.

Behind-the-scenes photos

Exclusive pics, artwork and graphics from the making of E20.

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Baghdad Express
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Lip Service
Relationship drama.

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