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Updated 25 June 2010: Submissions are now closed. Good luck if you submitted music for consideration.

Calling all unsigned bands! E20 have teamed up with BBC Introducing to give you the unique opportunity to be part of the E20 Series 2 soundtrack.

E20 is all about working with fresh talent - from writers and actors to musicians. For Series 1, we gave DJ Carl Darling his big break when he won the chance to remix the iconic EastEnders theme tune. Now we're going one step further by asking you to shape the show's soundtrack.

"We want to push things further on this second series of E20, so we're working together with BBC Introducing to give brand new UK bands and musicians the opportunity to soundtrack the lives of our young characters in East London," E20 Producer Deborah Sathe told us. "Our music supervisor, director and myself will be listening to the tracks and we're looking forward to creating a fresh sound to accompany the drama of Albert Square."

The closing date for submissions was 24 June 2010. We are no longer accepting submissions.

About BBC Introducing...

BBC Introducing has been set up to support unsigned, undiscovered and under-the-radar musicians. If you're a new artist and you want to get your music to the right people at the BBC, they're here to help.

Fat Boy

Music uploaded to the website will be heard by producers of local BBC radio stations, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 6 Music, Radio 3, Asian Network, BBC Switch and BBC Three to ensure the very best tracks get national airplay and exposure they deserve. Now, you can also submit your tracks to the E20 team to be considered for use in the show.

You might even be chosen to play on the BBC Introducing stage at one of many major festivals!

Even if you're just starting out, BBC Introducing can help you. Online there's friendly advice about every aspect of the music industry from artists that have been there and done it all, including The Gossip, Chipmunk and The Temper Trap. There's also expert advice from promoters, agents, managers, publishers, record labels and BBC DJs like Tim Westwood.


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