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Series 3: Character profiles

All you need to know about Ava, Donnie and Faith - in their own words!

Ava Bourne


Relationship Status: Single. Less baggage, Less problems.

Most likely to say: N/A - A careworker once told me a limit to the vocabulary is a limit to the mind. Only useful thing a worker's ever said.

London view: At its best it's the best city in the world, but at its worst it's a hole. As for where I'm living? Well, leaning a little to the latter... for now.

I like: Literature (currently working through BBC's Big Read), self-improvement, Mr. Darcy.

I don't like: Laziness, the way communities hold grudges, cold nights, people who don't take pride in themselves.

When things go bad: I Work. Hard. Things rarely go well when you doing nothing.

The world would be a better place if: People stopped taking others at face value, we're all guilty of it.

Love is: Realising you aren't strong enough to fight your battles alone (that's not a good thing).

Donnie Lester


Relationship status: I'm single. But that's by choice. Girls ain't really my focus right now. Well, none except my little sister.

Most likely to say: I dunno. I don't keep record. So probably 'I dunno,' innit?

London view: What they say is we're all hoodies in East London- with violent tempers and dodgy walks. I try to stay away from that, but some situations call for a hoody up and punch, get me?

I like: Music. I like old-school stuff. Tupac, Ice Cube and that. Grime and rap- and football's cool. Keeping active- typical boy stuff. Nothing spesh.

I don't like: I'm pretty much cool with anything. I don't like books... Reading's just boring, innit? Why read something when I can watch it on the TV or listen to it? I don't like reality shows as well, a camera in your face all the time - allow dat.

When things go bad: Depends innit. If I have to take control, I can keep my cool and handle it. But sometimes I blow my top. I've been in some pretty tight situations, so I've taught myself to be resourceful.

The world would be a better place if: I got out of care. My world would be a better place, anyway. The world's a big place.

Where I see my self in 10 years: I dunno... Alive? Baby-steps, innit. But that's actually got me thinking... What will I be doing when I'm 27? God knows.

Faith Olubumni


Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle!! Holla at me! LOL

Most likely to say: Oloshi! - that means 'fool' in Yoruba.

London view: Life's pretty cool here in London, better than boarding school back home anyway. Bit boring though, we need to spice things up in the Square!

I like: Nollywood movies, RNB music, reading magazines, doing my hair, my nails, boys - stuff like that.

I don't like: Old people AKA fun sponges, like my grandma Grace. Or dodgy manicures.

When things go bad: I put on some lipstick and push up my bra.

Favourite Song: Who Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce.

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