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Series 3: Meet the cast

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New faces

E20, the Webby Award-winning EastEnders online spin-off, returns on 20 September 2011, with three new troublesome teens - Ava, Donnie and Faith - all set to shake things up in Albert Square.

Ava Bourne (played by Sophie Colquhoun)


Ava is a closed book, she can look after herself. People think she's a bit stuck-up, which is odd for a girl who's spent the last while in the care system. She comes across as certain, definite, even hard.

But underneath that cool and brittle façade, Ava has a secret past which she is constantly trying to get away from but will it follow her to Albert Square?

Sophie has previously appeared in a number of film and TV productions including channel 4's The IT Crowd. "Who ever thought working [on E20] could be so much fun!" confessess Sophie. "It has been amazing experience"

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Donnie Lester (played by Samuell Benta)


Donnie's had to make it on his own, Mum gone, Dad inside, he's spent most of his childhood in care. Donnie is a boy of few words, but don't get on the wrong side of him, he's got a temper.

All he wants is to get out of the system and look after his little sister, Riley. But when he meets Ava something inside him changes; suddenly Riley isn't the only one he wants to care for.

Samuell has appeared in a number TV productions including The Bill, Silent Witness, The Cut and Hotel Babylon. "I'm loving every minute of working on E20!," he tells us. "It has been great filming on Albert Square! It's smaller in reality than on TV!"

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Faith Olubumni (played by Modupe Adeyeye)


Mercy's younger sister, Faith was sent to Nigeria by Grace to sort herself out but now she's back- and badder than ever! She can be incredibly exciting, and has a cheek that charms the hell out of most people.

But she's not as bright as she thinks she is, tending to be reckless and downright dangerous. She sees running into Donnie and Ava as a chance for even more mischief!

"I have really enjoyed working on set with all the E20 cast," says newcomer Modupe. "It has been an absolutely great experience'"

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Crashing into Walford...

Ava and Donnie escape onto The Square after their bus crashes outside Walford. The two runaways quickly bump into Faith who has been kicked out of her house by Grandma Grace after she finds her granddaughter under the sheets with a Walford favourite. Ava, Donnie and Faith form an unlikely gang and search for a place to hide and food to eat. Things soon turn sour, however, when the law catches up with them.

Along the way, we'll also get to meet Donnie's younger sister, Riley (Eliza Newman) and care worker Richard (Sam Phillips).

Familiar faces

The new cast will be joined by some familiar faces from the main show, such as Fat Boy, Dot, Phil and Zainanb, as well as E20 favourites Naz and Sol from series 2!

"We have a brilliant new cast, some cracking storylines and our new E20 gang really give Walford a run for their money," revealed Producer Deborah Sathe."

The write stuff

Series 3 sees original E20 star and writer Emer Kenny, along with EastEnders actors Charlie G Hawkins, Himesh Patel, Arinze Kene and a host of fresh writing talent, script the 15 x 10 minute episodes of the show.

Check out some of our cool behind-the-scenes pics over on the EastEnders Blog!

Extra, extra!

Just as with series 1 and 2, the E20 website will be packed with exclusive interviews, photos and even more bonus drama for series 3. Sounds good, no? You can also still follow your boy Fats (aka Fat Boy) on Twitter as @manlikefatboy and he might soon be joined on there by Faith. You never know...

We'll have all of the latest E20 gossip and some exclusive behind the scenes pics on the official BBC EastEnders: E20 Facebook page. Keep it locked.

Step back in time...

Well, while we're all waiting on series 3, what better time to catch up on series 1 and 2? We've still got all of the episodes online so why not check them out?

Watch Series 1.

Watch Series 2.

If you need to know even more about EastEnders: E20, check out our handy FAQ section.


As before, series 3 of E20 will premiere online on the EastEnders website, followed by weekly omnibus editions on BBC Three.

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