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Fantastic four

Fat Boy, Zsa Zsa, Leon and Mercy

EastEnders: E20 introduces Zsa Zsa Carter, Fat Boy, Leon Small and Mercy Olubunmi, who crash into the Square seeking solace from family life.

With nowhere to live and no one else to turn to they begin to depend on one another for support.

The foursome end up squatting together in 89b George Street and the highs and lows of their shared problems cement their friendship forever.

Developing new talent

As part of the BBC's drive to develop and nurture exciting new talent, EastEnders: E20 has been written by 13 new London writers aged between 17 and 22 who attended a summer school where they created and wrote the online drama.

"Developing an online spin-off using Albert Square as a playground has been fantastic," revealed E20 producer Deborah Sathe. "It is so exciting to see these four young Londoners collide with the residents of Walford. The E20 site really celebrates these characters to the max and there will be lots of added extras!"

"I have no idea what to expect with this, and that excites me hugely," added Executive Producer Diederick Santer. "That's what's brilliant about the entire project - we're asking a whole new set of people to come at EastEnders from a fresh angle and to surprise us - and the audience - with what they do."

Mixing it up...

Another way to involve fresh, new talent in EastEnders: E20 was a competition to create the drama's theme tune. Pairing up with BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network the BBC offered remixers, DJs and music fans a unique opportunity to become part of EastEnders history by remixing the iconic theme for the E20 title sequence.

The write stuff

Zsa Zsa, as played by Emer Kenny

Emer Kenny, who plays Zsa Zsa, was one of the thirteen writers. "I'm really thrilled to have been given the opportunity to both write for and act in a show connected with such an iconic drama as EastEnders," she said. "Kids these days use their laptops more than their televisions, so it's really exciting to be a part of a project that's taking drama online and connecting with these viewers."

"These talented writers are creating a whole new Walford, infused with their own experiences of London life," added Diederick Santer. "A fresh perspective on a British classic, EastEnders: E20 will - I hope - delight new audiences and EastEnders diehards alike."

Familiar faces

EastEnders: E20 stands alone in terms of its storylines so that it can be enjoyed by viewers unfamiliar with EastEnders, but there will be crossover treats for regular fans too - both in the online series and the BBC One programme. Expect to see, Zsa Zsa, Fat Boy, Leon and Mercy bump into some familiar faces from The Square as the E20 story cross through into the main show.

Tuning in

Between E20's launch on 8 January 2010 and the time of writing (25 January 2010), its episodes and supporting content have received 1.7 million views across the EastEnders website and BBC iPlayer - figures that will continue to grow.

"I'm knocked out by these figures!" revealed Diederick Santer. "For our little side project, something that started life as an experiment, to go so big is very exciting. I'm delighted in particular that the 13 young London writers who wrote the series have reached such an audience with their first professional work."

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Cast, so far...

Zsa Zsa Carter Emer Kenny

Fat Boy Ricky Norwood

Leon Small Sam Attwater

Mercy Olubunmi Bunmi Mojekwu

Andy Steve North

Benjamin Damien Lynch

Celia Marsha Henry

Lucas Johnson Don Gilet

Mo Harris Laila Morse

Lucy Beale Melissa Suffield

Zainab Massod Nina Wadia

Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra

Jane Beale Laurie Brett

Heather Trott Cheryl Fergison

Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt

Coach Roberts Grant Davis

Paul Trussel Malcolm Small

Nurse Warren Rhiannon Rafferty-Harper

Shirley Carter Linda Henry

Receptionist Eloise Joseph

Mrs Olubunmi Jay Byrd

Tamwar Masood Himesh Patel

Libby Fox Belinda Owusu

Patrick Trueman Rudolph Walker

Bus Driver Glen Wilson


Episode 1 Alex Oates

Episode 2 Emer Kenny

Episode 3 Florence Vincent

Episode 4 Kashman Harris

Episode 5 Abigail Pahnke

Episode 6 Muge Ahmet

Episode 7 Charlie George Weedon

Episode 8 Matt Williamson

Episode 9 Nicole Lecky

Episode 10 D.D. Farrell

Episode 11 Joyce Lee & Nadia Gasper

Episode 12 William Hunt


Executive Producers Diederick Santer, John Yorke

Producer Deborah Sathe

Director Michael Keillor

Series Consultant Matthew Evans

Script Editor Esther Springer

Series Story Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins

Production Manager Ruth-Peters-Train

Editor Rob Platt

Post-Production Supervisor Ayesha Granville

Theme tune remix Carl Darling

Original theme tune Simon May

Line Producer Sue Mather

Music composed by Michael Palmer

Assistant Script Editor Karen Steele

Series Producer Lorraine Newman

Script Producer Sharon Batten

Senior Script Editor Peter Mattessi

series Scheduler Kayla Miller

Programme Scheduler Matt McHale

First Assistant Director Mark Taylor

Third Assistant Director Jodi Cowman

Script Supervisor Anna Charlton

Second Assistant Director Sandra Jones

Location Manager Chris Bunyan

Series Designer Kirsten Dudley

Designer Alison Butler

Art Director Miriam Doyle

Graphics Co-ordinator Lucie Sims

Prop/Setting Supervisor Terry Murrell

Props Steve Barnes, Kenny Kimber, Simon Naylor

Construction Manager Andy Lindsay

Carpenters J Prosser, S Wells, D Hearn, D Paynton

Painters A Burton, M Squibb, D Nation, G Miller

Series Costume Designer Di Humphreys

Costume Designer Jane Langdale

Costume Dresser Lucy Stack

Supporting Artiste Dresser Issie Gibbons

Wardrobe Supervisor Ruth Munden

Series Make-Up Designer Karen Perkins

Make-up Designer Zoe Styles

Make-Up Assistants Molly Rose Grayson, Hannah Burton

Lighting Director Darryl Thornton

Lighting Vision Supervisors Roger Francis

Jill Cotter

Resources Manager Geoff Ward

Sound Supervisors Paul Crichton

Nigel Holmes

Camera Supervisor David Bowden

Senior Production Electricians Martin Bull

Gwilym Roberts

Vision Mixer Tracey Bateman

Third Assistant Director Jodi Cowman

Runner Ben Brooks

Assistant Sound Operator John Brady

Camera Operators Alan (Paul) Holman

David Sanders

Duncan Unsworth

Matthew Hart

Peter Woodley

Eastenders Lot Assistants Chris McCullough

David Neill

Gareth Lowndes

Joanne Nellis

Jon Spencer-Smith

Tom Webster

Production Electricians Angus Macrae

Gary Fowler

Paul Hynes

Paul McLoughlin

Sound Assistants Anthony Brown

Gerrard Parke

Ron Stewart

Tom Gilmore

Studios Engineers Andrew James

Paul-Julian Haynes

Peter Galpin

Tim Allen

Studios RM Craig Dancy


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