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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I get advice, if I'm affected by the issues featured in E20 Series 2?

A: If you've been affected by the issues in EastEnders: E20 series 2, find out what further resources are available.

Q: Is it possible to auction a visit to the EastEnders: E20 set and/or a background role on the programme?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer visits, tours or roles on the programme or as prizes.

Q: How can I get items for charity, or ask an actor to appear at a charity event?

A: Due to the huge volume of requests for donations, we cannot provide EastEnders: E20 memorabilia. For requests concerning appearances by cast members, please write to them individually at the address above.

Q: Can I get a part on EastEnders: E20?

A: The show only uses professional actors.

Q: Can I have a tour of the set?

A: Due to a very heavy filming schedule, EastEnders: E20 doesn't offer tours of the set.

Q: Can I chat to cast members online?

A: There are a number of websites which claim to belong to EastEnders: E20 actors and characters. They are not genuine. Do not believe that you are chatting to cast members.

Q: How do I make a complaint about EastEnders: E20?

A: Any complaints about the BBC should be submitted via the BBC Complaints website.

Q: How can I find out about costumes or props used on the programme?

A: Most costumes and props are bought from regular high street stores, made especially for the programme or hired from the BBC costume and prop stores.

Q: Can I send my favourite actor a gift?

A: It's EastEnders: E20' policy that actors do not keep gifts sent to them by fans, so please don't send presents. The cast often receive letters containing chocolate or CDs but these have to be sent back.

Q: I live overseas. Can I watch EastEnders: E20?

A: Due to licensing issues we are currently unable to provide international access to our videos. Therefore, we're afraid they won't play if you live outside of the UK. Sorry!

Q: Can I watch episodes of EastEnders: E20 on the BBC iPlayer?

A: Each omnibus will be available on BBC iPlayer straight after the main EastEnders omnibus is shown on BBC Three. You will be able to watch EastEnders: E20 on the BBC iPlayer in five omnibus shows. Episodes 1&2 can be seen from Monday 13th September 2010, episodes 3&4 from Monday 20th September 2010, episodes 5&6 from Monday 27th September 2010, episodes 7&8 from Monday 4th October 2010, and episodes 9&10 from Monday 11th October 2010. Find out all you need to know about

Find out all you need to know about the BBC iPlayer here.

Q: Can I send in storyline ideas for the show?

A: If you interested in writing for E20, and are under the age of 22, you should submit a piece of fictional writing for a character that you have made up. You should write either a blog, diary extract or monologue for the fictional character, no longer then 400 words and send it to:

Eastenders: E20
Script Development
BBC Elstree Centre
Clarendon Road

We will not be able to return submitted pieces of writing.

BBC Writer's Room is also a great resource for young writers.


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