Watch a young David Attenborough try to catch a python

In this clip from Zoo Quest in Colour, the legendary naturalist attempts to catch a rather large snake - which is inconveniently up a tree

Zoo Quest was David Attenborough's first major natural history television programme. Made in the 1950s, it was the forerunner to classic series like Planet Earth.

In each series, Attenborough journeyed to a different part of the world in search of a specific animal.

In April 2016 it emerged that the series had been filmed in colour, even though it aired in black-and-white. For the first time, it is possible to see the programme as it was actually shot.

In this clip from the series, the young Attenborough is set the task of capturing a snake: specifically, a rather large python.

Zoo Quest in Colour will air in the UK on 17 May.