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28 October 2014

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Jason Isaacs as Sir Mark Brydon

Your comments & theories on episode 5:

"Oh how I cheered when Mark finally slugged Nicholas. Whilst the air was cleared, and some confidences were shared, part of me does not trust MI6 to allow the full truth to be known.

James Sinclair always had the look of a broken man not long for this world, but heartbreaking that his son unwittingly led 'them' to him. Has anyone else wondered if Mark is Azzam's biological father?

Just who with the power to expose this plot can Mark (and we) trust? I'm looking forward to a climatic final episode."

Jules, Hampshire

"I'm still not convinced that Brocklehurst is on Mark's side. We've seen so much of him seemingly up to his neck in the conspiracy, even passing information on about how to get to Luke's friend who then got the electric drill treatment.

It seems strange to see him claim the moral high ground preaching to Christopher Styles about Tyrgyztan.

There's also the outstanding matter of Jane's American reporter friend who smelt a rat through his independent research. Even if Jane has been incapacitated, he may yet spill the beans. The mystery of why Lynne saved Mark's job has also not been solved."

BEng, Berkshire

"I love the show, it's very thought-provoking and tackles up-to-date issues. The lethal injection scene was extremely moving and well written. The camera work and style should also be applauded, as well as the excellent acting by Jason Isaacs."

Touss, Wolverhampton

"Absolutely fabulous! This show just gets better every episode. It's a complex story but all its seemingly disperate elements are being brought together nicely - the end of this episode was certainly heart-wrenching."

Kelly Bradley, London

"Marnie McPhail should be given her own series as George Blake, FBI agent. She's fantastic. The part is quite small but she makes the most of it and I love the way she stands up to intimidation. She's the best thing in this series."

Jonathan Langley, Cumbria

"This is a good attempt at bringing corruption and terrorism issues to television.

But the first few episodes were running so fast I could hardly keep up. And it was unrealistic that characters were moving back and forth between the USA to UK on regular 747 aircraft within one day. It also seems the UK is trying to behave like Americans at times which has me a bit confused.

It would be good if politics here in the UK could take note of the things said throughout this drama. Very political, but I like many aspects of it."

Janadean, London

"I've been following The State Within with great interest. The acting is excellent and the plot is gripping. I often wonder just how close to reality it is. I could see something like this unfolding in the real world very easily given how both governments appear to be able to operate.

Had this been a real news story, instead of a drama, it would have come as no surprise to me. A great drama and well produced, the BBC should be proud of what they have created with this. I look forward to watching the final episode. It raises the question of where the BBC goes from here...more intrigue?"

Alastair McGloan, Glasgow

"Other mysteries: What did Sinclair know about MacIntyre's mercenaries and how did he get to know it? And why did Jane change flight plans and go to Florida? And do MacIntyre's henchmen keep throwing their victims' bodies into rivers where they will be found?"

BEng, Berkshire

"Really enjoying the series. Did anyone else think that a relationship between Styles and Warner's dead son was hinted at in episode 5? If so, no wonder he and Warner appear to be out for the same thing. Also Jason Isaacs is great - I reckon he would have made a good James Bond!"

Rose, Exeter

"This is one of those dramas that come along once in a while and really grab you. The last time I was hooked like this was when Edge of Darkness was shown."

Andy D, Guildford

"This is the best thing I've seen on the Beeb for a long time. My husband and I are completely glued to it every week. We sincerely hope the BBC are commissioning the writers for another high quality drama."

Alana, Belfast

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