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28 October 2014

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Jason Isaacs as Sir Mark Brydon

Your comments & theories on episode 4:

"Probably the best TV series I've seen in years, despite the camera work. I couldn't sleep after episode 2, now I'm just plain hysterical. It's intelligent, compelling and engrossing. I never usually watch TV, but this is the highlight of my week. Never have I sat on the edge of my sofa chewing my knuckles like this."

Janine Hindmarsh, Birmingham

"Excellent drama - the characters are brilliant, the casting is perfect. I particularly like George Blake, Lynne Warner and of course Sir Mark. It's hard to follow, but this is good challenging BBC drama at its best."

Lewis Turner, Lancaster

"Obviously the US are trying to be smart here but the UK intelligence are double crossing them. I actually had to pause it part way through (you know the bit) to catch my breath."

Sam, London

"The analogy of Iraq and how we got there is too close for comfort. Morbidly riveting."

Jennifer, Cornwall

"I cannot ignore the incident in this programme where an electric drill is intimated at being used to kill a person. What sick minds are you employing who feel it is necessary to subject us to these atrocities? It does nothing more than feed the minds of even sicker individuals who perpetrate crimes such as these after re-watching these programmes."

John Mills, Cheshire

"This series is without doubt one of the finest British TV dramas of modern times. A cross between Spooks and 24, but with a much more intelligent story and acted superbly by all. Please let there be a series 2."

Marty, Manchester

"Great show and consistently surprising. Sharon Gless has commented that we will not find out the truth until the last episode - so now I'm happily enjoying being in the dark. My allegiances change minute to minute...all good fun!"

Rebecca, Nottingham

"Jason Isaacs' performance was fantastic and it was nice to see Neil Pearson getting a little more screentime."

Speesh, Glasgow

"Really gripping stuff, better scripted and acted than Spooks. But I hope Jane Lavery doesn't go the same way as the guy that she collected Luke Gardner's package from."

Mike, London

"I'm thoroughly enjoying this fast paced drama series. It began to answer some questions in this episode, only to then add more twists. Up until now I'd queried whether Nicholas was just working undercover for his paymasters, MI6. But now I've no idea what his agenda is or where his loyalties (if he has any) lie. Just who is he trying to protect and who is he trying to destroy?"

Jules, Hampshire

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