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28 October 2014

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Character Dossiers

Lynne Warner
Lynne Warner
US Secretary of Defense
Date of Birth:
Husband Shelby, son Thomas

Personal attributes

  • Fervent patriot, will do anything to protect or further the interests of the USA.
  • A firm believer in the righteousness of the American way of life. A way of life she would be keen to export to the undemocratic nations around the world.
  • Admires strength, is not interested in weak and vacillating people. She is a formidable foe.
  • The President relies on her a great deal. Therefore if someone does cross her, she will out manoeuvre them and they will soon find themselves packing up their desk.
  • Sees Mark as a strong, intelligent man. Someone she can do business with. Whether as an ally or opponent, she enjoys their dealings.
  • In her opinion the UK government lack the balls especially when it comes to the issue of terrorism.
  • Her son Thomas died serving with the Rangers in Afghanistan. She had literally given her son for her country. Her conscience has no problem with that. But deep down inside her heart has.
  • A charming hostess, Lynne can mesmerize you, if you were in the playground you'd want to be in her gang. Her husband Shelby is a quiet man, he doesn't interfere in his wife's world, but is always a constant support.


  • When Lynne's son Thomas was killed in the run-up to the last Presidential election, the President's flagging ratings were immediately boosted. Lynne's dignity and pride at her son's sacrifice won him the election with majorities in both chambers of Congress.

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