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28 October 2014

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The Project

Paul (Matthew Macfadyen)

The Project follows the lives of a group of young Labour party activists from their final days of university to Westminster's corridors of power.

Maggie (Naomi Harris)

Their journey takes us deep into the world of New Labour headquarters in Millbank, and later Downing Street, exposing the machinations behind the party's transformation into the sharp, media-aware voice of professional, middle-England.

Paul (Matthew Macfadyen)

As their respective stars begin to rise within New Labour, it's not just their friendship that's at risk but the very beliefs that inspired them to politics.
At the heart of The Project are Paul (Matthew Macfadyen) and Maggie (Naomie Harris), whose deep-rooted passion for politics is matched by their intense rivalry and passion for each other.

Paul joined the Labour Party as a press officer, then worked his way through a series of behind the scenes jobs, first at Walworth Road then at Millbank. Now he's Special Adviser at No 10 after the 1997 election. He shares a house with journalist, Irene (Paloma Baeza), carpenter Andy (Shaun Evans) and Maggie.

Maggie grew up with her father and step-mother in Wroker in the North of England. Met Paul, Irene and Andy at Manchester University where she was a leading light in the Labour Club. On moving to London, worked her way through a series of menial jobs for Labour before being elected as MP for her home town in the 1997 election.

Director Peter Kosminsky says, ''The Project is a fictional drama set within a factual framework, and provides an insight into New Labour's political coup d'etat within the Labour Party, based on extensive research.''

''This film is about idealistic young people who want to help Labour get into power and ultimately, change things. It is a realistic portrayal of how we got to May 1, 1997 and what happened afterwards,'' explains Kosminsky.


Matthew Macfadyen
Paul Tibbenham
Naomie Harris
Maggie Dunn
Paloma Baeza
Irène Lloyd
Shaun Evans
Andy Clark

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