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28 October 2014

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The Debt

James Hilden, Geoff Dresner and DS Edward Foster

Warren Clarke, Hugo Speer and Lee Williams star in a wry and witty look at the lives of three men and just how far they will go to get out of debt.

Geoff Dresner (Warren Clarke) is a retired safe-breaker who's turned his back on crime to make an honest living as a baker. But his past comes back to haunt him when he's forced to take on one more job. Geoff's return to criminal activity is in order to help his family's debt - specifically his less than useful son-in-law Terry (Martin Freeman).

Charlie Foster and Geoff Dresner

DS Edward Foster (Hugo Speer) is an amiable CID officer who is struggling financially. His second job as a night taxi driver means he's in no fit state to do his best at police work during the day. As a result he's being over-looked for promotion. But an investigation into some dodgy dealings involving one Geoff Dresner could be an opportunity for him to make the grade.

James Hilden (Lee Williams) is a young lawyer, recently married and with a baby on the way. He doesn't seem to be quite ready for his loss of independence and embarks on an affair with an ex-colleague.

Ambitious and keen to impress his lover, James takes on the case of Geoff Dresner. His secret love life becomes entwined with his professional life and before he knows it he's stuck in a spiral of deceit and denial.

DS Edward Foster (Hugo Speer)

"The Debt is a story about a criminal, a detective and a lawyer and how their lives collide with each other," explains writer Richard McBrien.

"The idea is that all three men owe debts to their children in some way which affects the way they do their job."

The Debt is unusual in its approach, as the order of the scenes is muddled and the majority is told through flashbacks. This is designed to discourage the audience from having set judgments from the beginning and instead allows them to make their minds up during the course of the drama.

"I can sympathise with all three characters," continues McBrien. "I wanted to show that in their own world, criminals, detectives and lawyers are all good people, not real villains. The there men are trying to lead a good life but become compromised by events."


Warren Clarke
Geoff Dresner
Hugo Speer
DS Edward Foster
Lee Williams
James Hilden


Richard McBrien

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