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28 October 2014

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Your reviews and comments for Spooks 4 Episode 7:

"Poor young Fiona, she's only been with MI5 for five minutes and in that time she's had to snort cocaine, been doused with petrol and threatened with being burned alive, watched Danny being shot, had to slash her arms and been shot in the back! I think she was safer at MI6.

This was a cracking episode. Fast and tense, everyone busy (including the extras. I always enjoy the extras carrying out the small, but important parts).

It was nice to see an episode revolving around Olga Sosnovska, where she was able to display her many talents as an actress. I didn't feel she was made use of enough in the earlier episodes. It's therefore a shame that it looks as though her involvement in the series is at an end."

Adrian, York

"We're back to the kind of episodes which have the potential to win awards. Little insights into a world which we know very little about (Tring, Porton Down) are what keep me coming back for more. Great to see Rupert Penry-Jones' acting shine but I still wish we could see more of Ruth, Colin and Malcolm."

Barbara, Glasgow

"I can't believe it, where was Adam's usual perfect timing? Where he manages to swoop in and save the day just in the nick of time? It's worked for every other woman in this series so far, except poor old Fiona. What was the point of giving her a decent storyline to kill her off at the end of it? It just proves the point that this is now 'The Adam Show'. Not that I'm complaining, but why replace a decent character with the dippy Jo?"

Jen, Grantham

"Something I missed about this episode. How did the bad guys find out about the diplomat/ambassador’s plot? They were waiting for him when he came out of hospital. Because someone recognised the woman? So what? The diplomat didn’t know her so it was not from there. Anyway - they would have used the diplomat to get to her. If they found out anything about a plot, they would have used the diplomat and his scheme against the British, laid border traps, and scored a diplomatic hit - then dealt with the diplomat back home.

Incidentally, if it would have been that simple to take out the head of security, why couldn’t 5 or 6 or any of the lesser well known agencies have taken out Saddam? Or is the answer to that one too easy?

Another point - would a hardened professional - whether out of rage or malice - shoot first at the back of a running woman - or shoot first at the man pointing a gun at him? On the one hand he would get his vengeance but die, and on the other he could kill his antagonist and kill the woman. The villains might be psychotic torturers and killers, but they are not stupid. They would not have got to where they are if they were idiots."

Bill Basey, Newton Abbot, Devon

"Nail-biting tension from start to finish. Olga Sosnovska was sublime as Fiona Carter and the scenes between her and Adam were sheer magic. It is a pity her talents were never showcased before her final episode. The working relationship between Adam and Fiona which also had so much potential was never explored. I will miss Fiona and her portrayer Ms Sosnovska."

G, King, Dublin, Ireland

"I still can't believe that Fiona is dead. When she brought the fax to Harry and made it clear that she wanted that mission I was sure that she was going to die. I did however spent most of the episode on the edge of my seat hoping that I had it all wrong. I wonder how they are going to take Adam forward from here. I liked the chemistry between him and Fiona.

I'm not sure about the new girl. I don't think she fits in the team."

Danielle, Sidcup

"Why, why, why kill off Fiona Carter? We were all just starting to settle down with the new team after losing the three main characters last series. The programme is excellent, if only more of the main cast members would stay longer."

Matthew, Romford

"Very well done, like all of the episodes thus far. But losing Fiona... well, that was a kick in the teeth. She was one of the characters I thought would actually keep surviving. Still, I'm looking forward to Adam's reaction next week."

James Williams, Grantham

"I'd always felt that Fiona was under-used in Spooks, and then when she finally gets an episode to shine - bang! - quite literally, she's gone. Absolutely excellent all round, as per usual."

Antony, Manchester

"So Spooks has offed yet another member of the team, and it's Fiona this time. I should have guessed really - happy marriage, a kid, she was doomed from the start! Just as long as Ruth and Harry don't go anywhere, I'll keep watching this utterly fantastic show."

Caroline, Derbyshire, UK

"Am I the only person who thinks Fiona may not be dead? Why didn't Barzali's minder attempt to shoot Adam from the waiting plane? Why didn’t Adam shoot the minder? We know Farook was in the country illegally but Barzali and his minder were over on legitimate business. Early in the episode you saw Barzali's minder claim diplomatic immunity.

My theory is that Farook's minder saw that Fiona has died, realised he would just be sent back on a plane to Syria to report that Fiona was dead. This explains why he didn't fire at Adam. I'm hoping that Fiona turns up in an episode or two's time, as they go through the motions of covering up her death to ensure no one else from Syria comes after her and Adam. My bet is next week we will see a fake funeral with everyone in MI5 thinking she is dead to ensure no mole can leak the truth (Adam may not even be told the truth initially). I think I've been watching this programme too much!"

Spencer Symmons, Cardiff

"Possibly the worst episode of Spooks ever. A supposedly trained agent fails to conceal her tracker device (try swallowing it). She then lures her captor into a trap stabbing him with a shard of glass, fails to either finish him off or steal his weapon. How did she propose dealing with the other guard? She then blocks Adam's shot, rather than going prone, getting shot in the process. Not up to the usual standard at all."

Paul, Sheffield

"Fiona's death scene had me completely caught out. No fat-fryers, bullet through the head or covering in petrol, just the predictable, time-honoured, cliché-filled death, with Adam arriving just in time to see his wife slowly expiring in his arms, telling him to look after the children.

It was very original to kill her off in such an unoriginal way - if that's not an oxymoron."

Tim Robinson, London

"I love the series and think that it is really good viewing - well done the Beeb! However, as I fancy myself as an agent but usually get poor results in your quizzes, I'm going to get my own back and criticise this week's episode.

What was the Syrian Foreign Minister's minder doing when he went back to the plane to get the first aid kit? Adam and Fiona are having a tearjerker on the apron and he's just standing around with a lethal weapon in his hand? I think he needs to go back to the training school more than me!"

Tony, Walsall

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