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24 September 2014

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Your reviews and comments for Spooks 4 Episode 4:

"Seemingly inspired by In This World, this was a good episode let down by an implausible final act.

It was great to be able to witness Adam's undercover work, which appeared excellent, albeit apparently not quite good enough. There was genuine tension as he played out a dangerous game with Yazdi, and this provided the episode's best scenes.

This set-up seemed squandered, however, when Yazdi's plan came to fruition which I saw coming. Whilst Harry and Juliet's disagreements over the right way to proceed highlighted Juliet's folly, I'm not convinced that any pact between the two of them would have saved Juliet from having to tender her resignation had this scenario played out for real.

This was a shame, as the series continues to provide us with some intriguing new scenarios. I'm happy for Spooks to sacrifice a little realism in the interests of good storytelling, but this episode robbed its protagonists of some of their kudos as a result of its disastrous conclusion."

Adam Chamberlain, London

"I have been a big fan of Spooks since it started and I very much enjoy the storylines and I think the acting is fantastic. However this episode made me think as much as you try to make the storylines realistic, the researchers get some of the very important facts totally wrong.

As an Iranian I can promise you that Iran is not an Arabic country and there were a few references from Mohammad Yazdi that suggested that. I also have to inform you that Sunnis (the Persian Gulf estates) count Iran as their enemy rather than an ally. I don't want to go on about the mistakes in the storylines but I don't think I will be watching Spooks with the same interest again."

Niloufar Hempstock, London

"Glad to see Spooks back to its true self. A totally believable plot, with a working blend of drama and top acting, not only by the main characters. The actor who played the Islamic terrorist was quality. I really like the character of Juliet, she really stirs things up in the Grid and that's what this show was missing in the previous series."

Emi, Chelmsford

"What has happened to this excellent series? Have the original writers been sacked or just got bored with the concept? This episode was just so so so awful - a blonde-haired, blue-eyed refugee from the Gulf? It must have been based on the scene in Team America World Police where a damp tea bag was wiped around a spy puppet's head and totally fooled the terrorists into believing he was a real Arab! Except that was supposed to be funny and, in this case, M15 didn't have a damp tea bag handy."

Chris, UK

"The worst one yet. Unfeasible and ridiculous. When Adam went undercover, saying he will pose as a Circassian Arab it lost all credibility. Especially when, after only three words to the chap outside the cafe in Istanbul, the same chap then announces to the lorry driver, 'I think he's a Circassian'. Hardly! He'd have been more likely to say 'I think he's from Guildford'.

Getting sillier (and we have had the casino pick up scene before.) "

Tina, Surrey

"This episode was probably the best yet. It was well researched, and imaginative. The background plot could have been obtained from material in the old Special Branch files. A nice sharp assassination to boot. Good double entendre and scripts hinting at double agent recruitment methods past and present."

Felicity Lowde,

"What an excellent episode. For the last half hour, once Adam had 'removed his mask', you just felt that there was something elusive in Yazdi's eyes and all was not apparent. His leading questioning of the student and his naming of the Prince all added extra intrigue and suspense as to whether the attack was credible.

Although the ending was nowhere near a surprise, the writing, was exceptionally taut and you sat almost willing Adam to figure it out. It was almost like the character and viewer were on the same wavelength ... we could see something wasn't right."

David Cunningham, Liverpool

"Really good episode. I loved the bit when Adam said 'go go go' into his jacket and the helicopter appeared."

Rosalyn Gough, Hereford

"This wasn't a bad episode but there was a major research error which would have blown Adam's cover long before he started probing as to what Yazdi's mission was. When they were in the truck and boxed up together in the wooden crate they had a tussle, strangling each other. Then they stopped and sat back (nursing sore throats and wondering at each other's 'killing' skills) and Adam took a swig from his water bottle, then offered the water to Yazdi.

As a so-called strict Muslim, his lack of awareness of the rules governing the cross contamination of saliva would have blown his cover instantly. There's no way he can take a swig with his lips on the bottle mouth then pass it to anyone else (apart from maybe his wife - but then only if he is not going to drink from it again) for a drink. As a strict Muslim the undercover agent should have tilted his head back, held the bottle a short distance away from his mouth - avoiding contact - and poured the water from the bottle."

Seb, Farnham

"This episode was particularly tense and well produced. Adam's abilities never fail to impress (this week by moving into the local Arab language). Even more hard-hitting was the failure, which ended in an assassination. The series continues to impress."

Chris Worth, Wallingford

"A clever episode and the terrorist character was intriguing, if frustrating. Fantastic burst of energy in the last few scenes when the Prince met the terrorist. At the moment I'm just missing the real feeling of mutual support and emotional ties the old team used to have with each other - this is what made Spooks so compulsive before. I hope this will become more apparent in this new series."

Helen, Rugby

"...Giles Farmer, Brilliant!"

Aaron, Bristol

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