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28 October 2014

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Your reviews and comments for Spooks 4 Episode 1:

"The first episode has once again set the tone for the rest of the series. It looks like the start of another utterly compelling journey, and is completely unmissable. The new characters seem to work well, especially Zaf who brings a certain humour to the Grid. However I can't really say the same for Juliet who, at the moment, looks like a poor replacement for Zoe. I hope she's the mole and makes an early exit from the series."

Alex Wood, West Yorkshire

"A good solid start after the damp squib that was most of Series 3. Shame that the tension fell off towards the end after the build-up throughout the episode. No doubt Ruth is going to be the one to watch this series."

Andy, Carlisle

"I thought it was going to be strange without the original three main characters but this episode has proven what a strong, powerful drama Spooks is. Even Ruth is out of the Grid and showing her excellence as one of the team."

Hayley, Coventry

"The real blessing of Series 4 isn't in the excitement, but that it's almost like starting all over because it seems so long ago since Tom, Zoe and Danny were about. Perhaps the writers believed starting a new series with mainly new characters would reinvent Spooks.

Unfortunately, I have all three series on DVD. So it didn't quite work."

Tom, Suffolk

"A very disjointed episode, but one that kept the tension up all the same. However, WHO allows the trailers for the following episode to be shown? I am so angry that the mole has been revealed."

Carolyn Depree, East Anglia

"A little underwhelmed after the first episode, it just didn't feel like Spooks. It all seemed a little dull. Why didn't we see the opening explosion? Why didn't Zaf have his phone on silent?! It felt too much like 24, a little bit Hollywood, not the more sophisticated British drama of the last three series."

Silvestre, Wales

"This episode certainly hit the ground running. Suspense and drama are the key aspects that make the series worth watching. Cleverly edited and shot, the pacing of the story slows when necessary and quickens when required.

The new characters seem to be fitting in well. I just want to know who the mole is!"

Ricardo, Rochester, Kent

"The excitement I felt at Spooks starting again tonight is only matched by my disappointment at just having watched it.

Dull and contrived plot (as if an MI5 agent would lead a member of the public into that kind of danger), over the top acting, dubious plot logic, no feel of suspense or dark and murky underlayers. Last year's series opener was a tense, unpleasant affair with beautiful photography and the scene between Adam and the female ex-CIA agent still gives me chills when I watch it. This episode was beyond pedestrian.

Gone is the grainy minimalist look that I so loved in Series 3, gone is the feeling of a team dynamic, gone is the high octane pace of the plot - gone is the Spooks I fell in love with.

I was so bored tonight, I doubt I can be bothered to tune in to the second episode."

Cathy, UK

"A pacy and impressive start to the series, sensitively portraying what might have been a subject matter a little too close to home.

Rupert Penry-Jones builds on the foundations of Series 3 to more than secure Adam Carter's place as a worthy successor to lead the team. Meanwhile, Nicola Walker's turn as Ruth still marks her out as the most interesting and captivating character - never to be underestimated or patronised!

Harry's problems with overbearing women seem set to continue. But I have every faith that he'll trounce the evil machinations of Juliet Shaw.

Fiona seemed somewhat sidelined, following her ordeal, in order to once again emphasise the difficulties of balancing MI5 with a home life. This contrivance still begs the question as to why she'd be allowed to work on the same team as Adam at all. But this is a minor quibble and if I was sorry to see the show's original holy trinity depart last year, I'm now more than looking forward to this dynamic new team keeping the country safe for the next nine weeks."

Adam Chamberlain, London

"Yet again Spooks comes out with a genuinely interesting plot line, but fails to really provide any real drama or suspense. It's shamelessly guilty of squandering the potential of the plot.

The problem for the show is that when something big and dramatic is threatening to happen, all the main cast are stuck in the office, giving orders into mics and apparently being ignored, making the audience feel like they're being kept at arms-length from the action.

A decent ending will ensure most will tune in tomorrow, but if it continues like this, don't bet on that being the case for much longer."

Daniel Hardy, London

"This was hard hitting drama sacrificed in the interests of political correctness.

The most relevant and hard-hitting storyline would have been to use the ongoing campaign by Al-Qaeda to maintain public awareness of the current political climate and the need for vigilance.

To use the band of white Anglo-Saxon 'terrorists' in the way that the programme did is to detract from the 'real' threat. It gives insufficient credit to the vast majority of the population who do not assume everyone with a dark complexion to be a potential terrorist.

The most inspired piece of casting was to portray a British Asian as an employee of MI5 and would have been sufficient without the PC concession I have already stated.

Also, with previous series the writers have concentrated on character development within the storyline. That has greatly enhanced the quality of the programme by giving us an insight into the people and the emotional capacity within the organisation. In this episode the characters were subservient to the storyline, with the danger that Spooks might become transformed into a yarn-like parody of itself."

Mike, Wirral

"I enjoyed the programme very much from a drama point of view, but felt it was way too soon for it to be shown after 7/7 and very insensitive to the families of the victims."

Sian, London

"Just two months pass after 7/7; the terror attacks in central london. Yet we turn our televisions on to Spooks where bombs are exploding in central London! Not particularly appropriate.

The BBC make these programmes with no concern or care of reality that is happening on our doorsteps and the cost of human life. Perhaps if they were actually involved in the attacks they would think twice. But as always human tragedy is just another storyline for the BBC. Have they no concern or concept of what took place, or do they just quickly jot things down as they happen and think great, another programme to make. Never mind the mental and physical state of those who were blown up. They should think twice before continually showing these storylines, as one day it could be they who witness an attack and maybe will feel the same as I, and many others, do now."

Ruth Hawkins, London

"I fear that the BBC may receive some complaints about this episode of Spooks, given the sensitivities surrounding the July attacks on London.

But I'd like to praise the Beeb for its courage in airing the episode, despite recent events. No doubt the decision whether or not to air was a difficult one. It may have brought back terrible memories for some viewers, but it nevertheless acted as a real reminder that we must continue to be cautious and vigilant.

Well done for a very realistic and sensitive portrayal of an event that we have become all to familiar with."

Pete, London

"I have two children working in London and feel very sorry for those who lost their lives in the recent bombings. I have enjoyed Spooks in the past, but cannot believe they can start a new series with terrorism so close to home. It's 9.15pm and I've turned over already. Shame on them for being so insensitive to the grief of those families who have recently lost someone."

Malcolm Swift, Torquay

"I think this episode should not have been shown. It's impossible to view now as entertainment, as it's far too close in time to the real event. Having said that Spooks is a top quality programme."

Chris Brooksbank, Chelmsford

"Just when the wounds are starting to heal after the tragedy of 7/7, the BBC rips off the plasters and exposes us to more terrorist bomb plots in the capital city. Yes, Spooks it back and it's as fast, brutal and unforgiving as ever. And offering us a glimpse at the blood, sweat, tears and tragedy that the security services face in just another day on the job. First class, keep it up."

Martin Taylor, London

"It was brave to air this story about the London bombings but I feel it was the right decision. Not too fussed about seeing much more of Martine McCutcheon though, don't bother inviting her back too often..."

James Hamilton, Romford

"I've thought for a long time that someone needs to bring Harry down. It seems as if he's got his own agenda and doesn't care about the team. The fact that Danny was sacrificed only reinforces my opinion.

Seeing as Tom & Zoe have both gone into hiding, maybe they should be the ones to do it? Perhaps they've been building a case against him. I'm optimistic that both she AND Tom WILL be back."

Frank Hogan, Midleton, Co. Cork

"A once successful format has been progressively trashed. The quality of dialogue was cringe worthy, the pacing was non-existent and generally the script would have been far superior had it been written by a ham fisted monkey on LSD. I sincerely hope that someone somewhere feels VERY guilty about this slack, shoddy, waste of license payer's money."

Bob Jones, London

"The Danny storyline was very nicely tied up, and the the team moved off to the next job. The introduction of Juliet Shaw is welcome. As the theme music sounded and the countdown began, I remember thinking to myself... WOW, this is why I watch Spooks. It was almost as if the series had gone back to its original roots, with fast-paced, controversial, but ever so compelling storylines."

Chris C, Cramlington, Northumberland

"An excellent series, spoilt only by the very very loud background music which drowns out the actor's voices and makes it difficult to hear the script."

Eve Eason, Bedfordshire

"What on earth is happening with BBC television productions? This episode was spoilt by frequent bursts of music so one had to turn the volume up to hear the dialogue, which then resulted in a crescendo of sound. In the end we got fed up trying to listen without annoying our next door neighbours so switched it off. Please BBC listen to viewer comments so that you may get it right in the future."

Fred G Kells, Swindon. Wiltshire

"This was most certainly worth the 12 month wait that we all had to endure since the end of the last series.

Nice to see Adam's past resurface, but I thought Martine McCutcheon's role was like that of a Bond girl.

But the show was still brilliant. I've watched it from day one and will watch it until the end."

Ben Bloore, Derbyshire

"This didn't seem like anything special. It didn't have that magic touch or excitement that 24 has. Where's the excitement and action that makes you want to jump out of your chair that you get with 24? Can't really see me getting hooked on this, although I may watch it again."

Moe, London

"This is a series that gives even 24 a run for its money and I'm so glad it's back. The only disappointment for me was the teaser for tomorrow's episode, which gave too much away.

Lots of foreshadowing going on by the look of things - the writers have a virtually new team and they've pulled it off - I'm still hooked. "

Brian, Leeds

"I'm so glad that Spooks is back. It took me a while to get used to the new characters, but they work really well. But having mobiles on to ring? Not very convenient when you're sneaking around a warehouse with possible bombers on your trail."

Clare, Liverpool

"This had a bit of different feel to other episodes, a slightly slower pace and longer shots in some scenes. But when things needed to go at a faster pace it really did. The episode created a sense of unease during various scenes, eg Ruth escaping the house and Adam and Zafar's situation with the unseen shooter. Great stuff."

Fragments, Cambridge

"Once again the BBC have excelled themselves. My only criticism is that I have to wait a day to see how it concludes. We are going from character to character trying to work out who the mole is. When you think you may have worked it out you figure it cannot be who you originally thought it was. If the rest of the series carries on in this vein it will be just as good, if not better, than the previous three series."

Heidi Ball, Swindon

"A great beginning, and I cannot wait until part 2. Who is the mole? My boyfriend and I think it is Juliet Shaw but we shall see. It's odd not having Tom, Danny or Zoe in the mix, but if tonight's episode is anything to go by then it'll be a great season."

Adrian Thorpe, South Wales

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