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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews and comments for Episode 9 Spooks 3:

"One of the best episodes so far. A really good piece of suspense. Will they, won't they? And they did too!! It posed a good question as to how far the security services must go in order to protect the country from terrorists - from even their own country. Clever how the story was paced and built the tension both on screen and off screen. It's important not to take the series too seriously as some seem to. It is drama, as well as entertainment too. Let's hope it continues for series 4."

Ricardo, Rochester

"Very dark, very confronting episode - one that brought unpleasant shivers to my spine. Sam's rhetorical question "Isn't that called 'torture'?" says it all. Interesting view on Adam, whom I expected to break but who didn't (is that just a matter of time? are we going to see more of his busy past?) and Danny's re-emerging doubts about MI5's methods. Does the end justify the means? That was the theme throughout the entire episode. It certainly gives us something to think about."

Elsa, The Netherlands

"Wow! What a corker. Spooks is definitely back on form. This episode was full of tension, great acting (as ever!) and Adam is developing into a very interesting character. Next week's episode looks like a blinder too, with a great cliff-hanger to the series looming."

Billy, Hertford

"Dear, oh dear! What's happened? Has a once excellent series been changed so dramatically that one senses we are paying the price for American success? We have no real detection work anymore, we've lost two great leads to the show and the writers seem to have lost the plot. Adam's wife is a burden on the show's capacity to thrill, as we've seen all that Hart to Hart/Moonlighting thing before. Does everything have to have global implications nearly every week? Where are the small scale stories of infiltration and paranoia? It needs to get back to basics which was good stories with uncompromising endings. It's a great show with a great cast and fantastic potential. Please don't miss the boat and turn it into 'just another crime show'. Still, the direction remains taut and the majority of the cast spark off each other well."

John, Kingston-upon-Hull

"Another masterly BBC production. For me, the current series is properly back on track with its mix of politics, suspension-of-disbelief-able spy drama, philosophical dilemma and sheer exploitation of the S.A.S. myth, which drew me in to the first series. I didn't like it when there started to be a few too many convenient coincidences in the middle episodes - it started reminding me of the series 24; perhaps entertaining but too comfortable, 'soap-opera'-like and predictable. I like it being scary, quirky, confrontational and controversial."

Geoff Fairley, Gosport UK

"Much better than last week's and more like the Spooks we know. Good to see Adam's darker side. Well acted, good storylines, great."

Richard, Glasgow

"Season 3 just gets better. Even though Zoe and Tom are no longer with us, the episodes are increasingly getting better. In my opinion, this week's episode was the best - showing how MI5 deals with interrogation. It's also good to see how the creative team have written Adam in the same light as Tom. Keep up the good work guys."

Ben Bloore, Derby

"A superb piece of work, with Rupert Penry-Jones finally allowed to come out of everyone's shadows and showing what he can do. The tension never lets up, there are some stomach churning moments (especially the girl on the balcony, and more literally in the torture scenes), some lovely little direction touches, and a central question about how far we're prepared to go which needs to be asked. Hard to watch, but very, very worthwhile."

David Anderson, London

"This episode was definitely different to the previous one. It's good to see Spooks going back to matters of national security. A very ethical episode (that won't appeal to all), but in my opinion it was great. The moral lines (which Danny sees as black and white) were mixed to create a grey. The effect was very good and the lengths to which they were prepared to go was very, very interesting. Leaving out the customary action/death scenes and focusing only on the characters, this really brought Spooks back to its best after a rather weak previous episode. Note: the last episode looks brilliant but shocking."

E. Henry. B.H, West Chesterton

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