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24 September 2014

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Your Reviews and comments for Episode 6 Spooks 3:

"This episode was very tense. I'm glad Zoe has finally had an episode basically to herself as she has not really been able to do much since the start. The great way it didn't end how most episode or films of this style end also makes it worth it. The emotion really showed through and the final scene between Danny and Zoe was great. Harry also shone through as a character and it was absolutely great to see him like he is. Also, the way Adam didn't take on the Tom-role for this episode was also good. A corker!"

Ed, England

"The message of episode 6 of Spooks is the clearest yet. Extrajudicial execution is fine, brave and moral, the rule of law is crude, amoral, pointless and naive. What a valuable lesson for our time. In a democracy under the rule of law the most despicable character imaginable is a cross between a lawyer and a politician. Nice one Harry! I'll miss Zoe though."

Simon, London

"Very disappointed to see a brilliant series being dismantled in just a few episodes starting with the demise of Tom, who was the MAIN character of the programme. Closely followed now by Zoe being shipped off to foreign shores.

Will Danny, the last of the three, still be there in two episodes time???

There seems to have been more departures in a few episodes as there is in EastEnders."

Leanne, Essex

"On a par with the one where Tom left. It seems the producers are really trying to develop the show instead of relying on the main characters to carry the show. I think Danny has had his fair share of heartache now. It's sad that Zoe has left, I think it was too soon though. With the exit of Tom it allowed both Danny and Zoe to expand their characters instead of playing back up to Tom all the time. I do hope we see both of them back soon in some wicked twist that will have all of us gripping the seats."

John Hewett, Croydon

"Best episode of this series, but Zoe is a sad loss. Bad guys this time around are implausibly genteel and well-spoken, yet the scene where the terrorist is glorying in 9/11 is effective and chilling. Although Zoe makes an unconvincing femme fatale (wasn't comforting the lost child on the station a bit of beginner's mistake?), her final moments with Danny will resonate with many male viewers. Series 4 in Chile anyone?"

Matthew, Epsom

"The whole of series 3 has been has been total rubbish. What a waste of time. I was a massive fan for the first two series but this series has been awful. Where is the excitement? The writers should move away from trying to involve us in the team's emotional life and involve the viewer more in how MI5 deals with the crisis in hand. As I'm writing this, it looks like Zoe has just left us. Oh dear, first Tom now Zoe, I think this has gone too far."

Piers, London

"Beautifully done - episode 6 was a return to the old "Spooks" - edgy, well-written and developed, with the right amount of the "human dimension". The big problem with episode 5 was that we never saw the situation with the villain develop - Zoe and Danny were on the boat and Danny killed him. In this episode, unfolding the operation - characters, relationships and circumstances leading to Zoe's fateful decision - gave the show the depth and complexity we've come to expect. I still miss Tom, and I'll miss Zoe!"

Irim, Oxford

"Brilliant! Weaving together the political fictions into the lives of these agents - and thereby destroying their existence mirrors the play of the Greek Gods....human drama writ large for our time. Who is going to be economical with the 'truth' next? (whatever that is...)"

Finnartgreen, Scotland

"I think that Danny and Zoe should have finally got together and he should have gone to Chile with her!"

H, Newcastle

"And another one bites the dust! Mind you I could see this one coming. But I have to say I liked the way Zoe was disposed of. Unlike the last two episodes the plot here was quite convincing and the 'flashback' approach to the story was well thought of. Ah and the baddy was truly a baddy this time, a truly nasty one. Excellent, bring on the next episode...."

Emi, Chelsmford

"After a dreary Episode 5, Episode 6 had all the pace and excitement we have come to expect from Spooks. The writer and cast are to be congratulated for a superb job. It is sad that Zoe is leaving though - what will Danny and the others do without her? What will WE do without her?"

Steve Davies, York

"Spooks series 3 is in every way a classier, edgier, grittier, darker affair than Series 1 & 2, yet I am still unable to make up my mind if this is an improvement or not.

Certainly it's truly great television, but tonight's episode has once again illustrated that this has become a character driven show rather than a plot driven show. Instead of the characters serving a tight and fast paced weekly story, we now watch a sometimes flimsy story through the story of the characters. Last week being a case in point. Is that a bad thing? I'm really not sure.

I do miss the 'edge of the seat' quality of Series 2 and the lighter feel of Series 1, but cannot argue with the beautiful acting, the moral issues it asks us to face every week and the sheer brilliance that is the production values.

Episode 6 handled Zoe's exit well and believably and whilst it is not the production team's fault that the actors chose to leave, the loss of Tom and now Zoe has left a massive hole in this series and I'm not sure how they are going to fill it. My fingers are crossed for more of Jenny Agutter and maybe a smidgen of Hugh Laurie. The drama is good, but a little bit of light relief really wouldn't go amiss at this point. Episode 6 = 8/10."

Cate, Southampton

"Episode 6 was utterly appalling. I've got to say I perfectly understand why Spooks is losing all its good actors. The BBC really need to look at the current crop of writers they are using as they are seriously in need of a wake up call. Producing the dross of an episode I watched tonight was a shadow of the quality of the episodes produced in series 1 and 2. Seeing a MI5 officer in court, you aren't fooling me! Like that would happen!"

Simon Wells, Manchester

"In general one cares about the characters of a series more than any other aspect of it. So now that Tom and Zoe are gone, we are left with a rather weak group, bringing this show down from being of interest to being just another show.

It's very lucky to find replacements for such good characters. Perhaps if the writing team hadn't tried to wring so much teary-eyed emotion out of them, they wouldn't feel that they had 'used them up.'"

Timothy Murphy, London

"Why have a series where all the leading characters are got rid of week by week? It's worse than King Lear or the White House for that matter. I hope that there is some subtle plot that will make it all worthwhile."

Don Clarke, Leeds

"Just watched Episode 6 and I thought it was by far the best yet. It showed more than just a mission. Although I thought it was so sad seeing Zoe leaving at the end, I felt so sorry for Danny. It involved the viewer emotionally and I think the emotional side of the characters makes it so more interesting and gripping. Really wish Zoe hadn't have left though and hope she comes back."

Alex, Lancashire

"Spooks gets better and better. Two major characters going in one series. Now Zoe has gone there needs to be some good plots coming up with Adam and his wife. I don't think Danny is going to catch the majority audience without the help from new dramatic characters. Adam has good presence on the team and I don't think we have seen his true potential as an experienced Security Officer."

Richard Footman, Staffordshire

"I will be interested to see how the plot develops now we've lost Zoe as well as Tom. Danny is great, but without the other two key characters, Spooks will further lose impact. I guess Danny and Adam will have to work alone in the field now, or will someone else from the Grid be draughted sideways into fieldwork?"

Mike, Leeds

"I was disappointed that yet another main character has been disposed of. That makes two this series which is a shame as they were two of my favorites. Are there more to go?"

Anne-Marie, Telford

"Who's next!! It's like a secret sniper, gunning down the old crew. I was sad enough to see Tom go mental and disappear, but Zoe as well, it's just not the same anymore. Please stop with the culling, if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Jamie, Manchester

"Spooks is struggling - I never thought that I would say that but the constant switching back to past events as shown in the last episode simply lost my interest. The story lines are not as strong as in series one and two - This series simply hasn't lived up to my expectations. A great shame!"

David Knighton, Rutland

"Bravo! The best episode of Series 3 and more than makes up for the dirge of last week. At last we're almost getting back to the tension and thrills of the first two series. More of the same please!!"

Paul, Luxembourg

"Episode 6 was terrible. A show constructed of flashbacks is tricky to do well, and Spooks failed. There was no real suspense over Zoe's verdict as it was obvious from the start that she was going to get a heavy sentence. Danny's unspoken love for Zoe is cliched and will no doubt drag on over subsequent episodes (I'm sure Zoe will be back - if Spooks is going to lose both Tom and Zoe in the same series, the producers will have committed a huge mistake). I still feel that Adam lacks the charisma of Tom. Overall, this series lacks the direction and excitement of the previous two. Disappointing."

Rebecca, London

"Episode 6: Very good episode about government and dirty tricks. But now Zoe is gone....for good? I hope she will be back because with Tom already gone, Zoe too, and rumours that Danny is departing, what will be left of Spooks? Come on BBC, the series needs some strong actors quick, Adam and Harry cannot only hold the fort...get back to basics like in series 1..."

Geoff, London

"I did not see it coming! I can't believe they did that to Zoe! Tom and Zoe now gone it is really becoming a shock. And we're seeing sides of characters that we haven't before. But I was very impressed with Harry's performance and his aggression to protecting Zoe throughout he has a lot of passion for his team, even when Tom left he still had that same passion. I guess slowy killing off characters means this will be the last series....but alas, I wait in hope for Tom's return, however I fear it will be in vain!"

J, London

"An exciting episode, full of tension, twists, Spooks action that we all love and some great acting. Thank you to Keeley Hawes (Zoe), for her brilliant acting and for helping to make Spooks the great show it is. The third series of Spooks so far has been great entertainment.

My only gripe was about the ‘poor lighting’ in the show? I thought my telly was on the blink. Has the show been shot in a different format?"

Adrian Banfield, York England

"What is going on? I know I'm going to be one of many who voice concern, but why are all the original characters leaving all at once? I could not believe last night, when Zoe is sent away in a slightly ridiculous plot, where she decided to play God, just like that, with no real consideration. I considered this very much opposite to the character we have got used to.

If Harry goes then there will be trouble! I want to get to know (and I hate to say it) Tom's replacement better. He's got authority and bite but no depth. We know nothing about him compared to how we knew Tom. Gee us up a bit, because Spooks is the only thing that makes Monday bearable!"

Faith, Dublin

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