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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews and comments for Episode 5 Spooks 3:

"I was disappointed with episode 5. It was drawn-out and took far too long to come to a conclusion. Far too much was made of Danny’s reluctance to top the scientist. I can't believe real MI5 officers are not trained for that eventuality and know how to deal with it."

Steve, Kent

"Probably the weakest episode so far this series. The plot was rather weak and it was disappointing to see that Danny wasn't quite the hard and brave man we have grown to know him as. I hope that we are not going to get too bogged down with the emotional sides of everyone's characters in future episodes and get back to the excitement of before."

Jason North, London

"This week's episode had a bit of everything in it. A bit of love, a bit of drama, a bit of realism, a bit of pain. At last more focus on Danny and Zoe. They are normally seen as sidekicks and it's about time they came to the forefront. It showed the rather ugly side of being a spook. The commitment required, the nasty decisions etc. Although some may see this episode as lightweight, it may be a defining episode for characters such as Danny who in my opinion needs weight to his character as I believe him to be a weak-link. Come on people - Adam is now the man. He adds slickness to the team. I've forgotten about Tom and I'm a big Tom Fan."

James, London

"Possibly the worst Spooks episode ever. Spending the whole show focusing on Danny bumping off one bloke and on Ruth's attraction to some man. Adam's character is nowhere near as stong as Tom was and now it's reflecting in the storylines. The quality of the production is still fantastic, however the scripts are losing the imagination that series 1 and 2 had so much of. I loved series 1 and 2. It was my favourite programme on telly. Now I don't think I'll be too bothered when the series ends. Such a shame."

Ricky Goshawk, London

"I have just watched episode 5 of the new series, and I think that it was one of the most amazing pieces of drama that the show has put out. It came out at just the right time in the show, but where is the Ruth story going? It is the first time we realise that the rest of the team have personal lives as well as the main characters."

Sean Yorking, England

"What’s happened to Spooks 3? The script seems to have deteriorated since Tom left, and as a viewer I don’t feel excited or exhilarated at the assignments the agents do. I don’t feel any affinity to Sam, Adam, or even Zoe right now. I want Spooks to be great, but the series is now meandering along without any sub-plot build up. For example, in series 1 the relationship Tom had with Ellie and Maisie climaxed brilliantly. By the final episode, we really cared about Tom and his family. We cared about what happened to them. In contrast, the script writing has to improve quickly throughout series 3 if we are to be left with a cliff hanger we’ll 'care' about. Is that my fault for liking Tom too much?! Am I too pessimistic to believe Spooks can continue without him? Maybe. But the scriptwriters had to captivate us immediately following Tom’s departure to ensure the audience didn’t start ‘nodding off’ – unfortunately (for the first time ever) the trailer for next week’s episode didn’t make me want to watch…"

Terry, Birmingham

"The fifth episode was great. It had some flavours of The Untouchables and The Matrix. Adam is doing well, but I am sorry: I still miss Tom. He is a very dominant actor. But there is one thing not correct on this episode. According to the script the Stena Line vessel has to go to Kristiansand Norway, but they filmed the entrance of Rotterdam harbour. I recognised the lighting tower of Europoort, Rotterdam harbour."

Maarten-Jan Melger, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands

"Sorry, but this lost me as a viewer. Talking an agent through a cold blooded murder de-sensitizes the public to the politics of 'might is right' and 'the end justifies the means'. Weapons of mass destruction were used as a flimsy excuse in the same way as they were to prepare the Iraq war. Blairism seems to have got hold of the BBC. What a shame."

Juergen Schaufler, Germany

"Clearly the producers of the show have decided that we should get to know the background of the characters better. The choices they have to make, and trying to keep as normal a life as possible, all while providing the last line of defence for this country national security. This epsiode saw the tension of Danny having to pull the trigger, and no doubt his character will now change because of it.Although I do like the idea of him and Zoe making a go of it, no doubt they will soon end up in bed together. Harry's great as usual. I have a feeling Tom may make a comeback, as we see him trying to make a go of it in a normal life. I can not get enough of it Spooks and cannot not wait for next weeks episode. "

Ravi, London

"Tom’s departure was bound to cause difficulties, however as of yet no continuation strategy seems to have been developed. Instead the plots drift along with the personalities now seeming more important than the action. If this apparent lack of direction is the writers aim to reflect the difficulties the remaining characters have as they seek to come to terms with their team being 'decapitated', then the future for Spooks would appear bleak. Likewise if this is the writers attempt to keep the series fresh by adopting a new angle then it simply isn’t working. In previous series the pulse of Spooks, and the root of its success, stemmed from the action and intrigue which were balanced by the characters' complex emotional dramas - primarily Tom sought to come to terms with the duality of his life. Since Tom's departure the focus has swung almost exclusively onto the personal life of the remaining characters and without the action-based plots to contrast it with, the drama is much weaker and the scripts lack credibility and seem contrived. The arrival of new characters is welcome, however ultimately the success or otherwise of this series will rest upon the writers rediscovering their direction and reinstating the balance."

Nick K, Yorkshire

"MI5 has a new secret weapon in the fight against the baddies - become too dangerous, and we *cry* you to death! So far, every episode I have seen of series 3 has featured someone on the team crying. Come on! Where is the fast-paced action packed, no holds barred Spooks we know and love. This used be real action with an intellectual edge. Now it is just another formula-drama. Real pity..."

Martijn Dekkers, Hook

"Wow! A great script and possibly the best acting I've seen in a while, extremely powerful thought-provoking stuff and a moral debate running though the whole episode. Now as the season develops to its half-way point it just gets better and better - great acting, well shot, very experimental and addictively entertaining. Congratulations go out to Spooks onces again."

David Mayes, Essex

"Episode 5 was the best yet after Tom's departure. I thought Danny's moral dilemma was good, as it explored the whole thing with Tom, but in a more personal sense as he had to do the killing himself and get to know the victim. It's good Zoe and Will aren't together - he was too slick. But was Danny lying about him telling his brother?"

Ola, London

"What an unusual, well-written, spine-tingling episode of Spooks! Two stories interweaving, one about Ruth being scared about taking a forward leap with her life and Danny being scared about taking a life. Both characters being reassured and assisted by their colleagues and friends. Then the climax of the two stories being resolved to the music of Mozart. A very enjoyable episode. Pity about Zoe and Will breaking off their engagement due to Danny getting the wrong end of the stick. I wonder if this will break Danny? Can’t wait for next week’s episode. This also looks explosive. A bit rough on Danny and Zoe though. If Adam and Harry had thought ahead that the scientist would have to be killed, they could also have arranged for a more experienced operative to be travelling on board. Still if that had been the case, the story would not have been as interesting. "

Abanfiel, York UK

"I'm sorry but Spooks has gone from 10/10 to 4/10 in the last two episodes."

David Cain, Rochester

"I have just watched episode 5 and it has to be the bigest disappointment in the history of Spooks. Last week the characters started to settle well without Tom, but what happened this week? Absolutely nothing. We were treated to an Inspector Morse soundtrack while a minor character tried to pull some unknown man, and one of the top team members wrestled with his dilemma over to kill a man he had never met. I hope I have not just watched the end of Spooks. Until now it has been excellent, but tonight lacked interest, tension and failed to build any sympathy for any of the charecters."

Mike Preece, Wolverhampton

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