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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews and comments for Episode 4 Spooks 3:

"Although I enjoyed Episodes 3 and 4, I'm afraid it just isn't the same without the character Tom. Tom WAS Spooks. Everyone's doing their best and the storylines are still great, but he is sorely missed."

Fiona, Surrey

"A blip, or start of a steady decline? There's a gap to fill without Tom, and good scripts could do this, but this episode seemed particularly formulaic and uninventive. Having said that, having Harry's daughter, Adam's wife, and Zoe's fiancé was somewhat different, though I think we should veer away from making it a family series!"

Martin, Kent

"Last night I watched amazed at how well acted and emotional the show was. Harry finding his daughter caught up in a very dangerous group was tear-worthy. It showed the worst side of MI5.... the pain it can cause to relationships. I was pleased to see Zoe find someone so loving and at last get some happiness. I'm just hoping it will last for her. Adam is slowly growing on me but maybe he is being too much like Tom?"

Emma Gascoigne, Bangor

"Fantastic episode. I was especially impressed by newcomer Olga Sosnovska. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn; she just seems extremely sophisticated and cool and I cannot wait to see how her marriage to Adam unfolds against what they both do for a living!!! Fiona was definitely the highlight of Episode 4 for me. I'm glad the Israel/Palestine issue was brought up in the episode. It's an extremely relevant issue and I loved how Zoe took no bias and at the end told the guy threatening to kill the other man that there are people who have suffered, all with stories to tell. I count myself a Palestinian sympathiser so was glad. Bravo for an exciting episode!! MORE FIONA!!! "

Adam, Northants

"Quite a personal episode for each of the Spooks last night, which begs me to believe they are all getting a tad too personally involved in their work. I'm still loving Adam though and his wife seems like she's going to be a real handful! But what is Zoe doing? From being one of the most private spooks, she's gone to the other extreme of telling her latest boyfriend (sorry, future husband!) everything about her job and just leaves scandalous photographs lying around for any Tom, Dick or Andy to pick up! It'll all end in tears... or maybe that's the point. Poor Danny, heartbroken again. That's two episodes on the trot. He's a spy, not a hopeless romantic fool. Next week's episode looks very good though..."

Sarah, Northants

"What's going on with the characters in this series? They are all behaving so strangely. Zoe has completely gone off the rails leaving photos on show in Will's flat, Harry's in tears, Danny's sleeping with Harry's daughter.. What with the wives, daughters, and fast track fiancés, it's getting a bit incestuous! Come on Spooks, get a grip."

Nick Squires, Woodford Green

"A sound episode with some interesting angles on tradecraft. Adam is a competent spook in that he gets the job done, no matter what rules he bends or breaks in getting there. The importance of keeping business and personal life separate when playing the Great Game is highlighted well - Harry's daughter, Zoe's boyfriend and the interesting case of Adam and his good lady, who's a player herself... and the pair of them have (not surprisingly) an almost telepathic understanding when in the field. Adam is shaping up well, his love life may not be as interesting as Tom's but his spycraft is much better!"

Megan Robertson, Crewe, Cheshire

"So far Season 3 has exceeded my expectations, the programme continues to be well-written and beautifully produced. I've always enjoyed the psychological aspects of the drama - how the job affects each team member, and how each person has developed different ways of coping with their constantly shifting personalities. Tom’s departure began the inevitable evolution of the team. With Harry’s poaching of Adam (I’m enjoying Rupert) from Six, and the introduction of Adam’s wife Fiona (the stunning Olga Sosnovska), suddenly there’s a whole new piece of the puzzle to play with. The players are in motion and the team will either evolve or implode - all while continuing the battle against treachery, treason and armageddon. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next."

L.E., Co. Wicklow

"At one point I sat up and thought Spooks was bravely going into the serious problem of Pro-Palestinian groups being used by extremists for filtering money to terror groups and carrying out attacks - as has happened in real life. Alas, it is the BBC we're watching and they played to form by reversing the roles and casting supporters of Israel as the baddies."

Adam Greene, Cambridge

"Since Spooks came back I have been glued to a television wherever I am. I have been in love with Spooks since it first started, as it goes on it is getting better and better. I hope it carries on for many years. I love each character especially Tom Quinn. I wanted him to stay in the drama but Adam is doing a fantastic job in his shoes. Thanks to the producers - you all have talanted minds to think up a mind-blowing drama."

Emma Jackson, Enfield, Middlesex

"I love the programme, although it's a show that has to be watched very carefully. You can't nip into the kitchen and make a quick cuppa or you may miss the most crucial part of the plot! I love the characters and their roles are played very well by the actors. I like the way that you get glimpses of their life outside of the job, and the effect their work has on them. Can I be really girly and just say that the actor playing Danny is stunning!"

Laura, Notts

"The show was excellent with a lot of factual information which is not always shown or told to the public about how Israel really works."

Khalida Akoub, Scotland

"Sorry but that was really not up to my hopes! More like a typical American cop show this week. More complexity please!!!"

Frederick, London

"I'm a huge fan of Spooks, and have been hooked since the very first episode. The storylines are gripping, compelling, dramatic and real. The best drama on TV on the moment, and one the best Britain has EVER produced! It easily rivals big-budget drama from the USA, and shows just how talented British writers and actors can be. It's so good to be able to watch a high class drama set and made in Britain. Keep up the fantastic work."

Thomas, Stratford-Upon-Avon

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