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28 October 2014

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Your reviews and comments for Episode 2 Spooks 3:

"This episode was one of great expectations, even though the way Tom was dealt with was terrible. He had to leave the series, due to what happended to him with Herman Joyce, but this was a wrong way to do it. For the past 2 seasons, Tom has been the main character. Let's just hope that the briliant chemistry between Tom, Zoe and Danny can be recreated with Adam. In some aspects Tom was in the right so just to finish it like this was wrong - he should have left on good terms not in the way that was portrayed in the last episode."

Ross Turner, Cheltenham

"I was devastated last night with Tom's exit! I can't believe his team watched him fall apart so quickly and did nothing help him. On a close team like this where you trust each other with your life this wouldn't happen. After all he's been through it seems incredible and a waste to see him thrown out of the service so quickly. Adam's arrival is obviously well timed and he brings the same energy and charisma to the screen. A wildcard/risk taker who will surely slip into Tom's role as the man who calls the shots at vital times. However what a shame this partnership didn't develop. My only hope is this is an elaborate plan by MI5 to make Tom available for another mission (maybe to infiltrate a terrorist organisation and/or perhaps there's a mole in MI5...) and he will return."

Lewis Watt, Canterbury

"Once again, compelling and powerful viewing. Sad seeing Tom leave, but he had a crisis of conscience in series 2 regarding his relationship with Christine Dale, so not a huge surprise he would leave at some point. The assumption is that Adam will fill Tom's role, but somehow I don't think it's that simple."

Matt, Stockport

"Interesting episode, lovely directing, very visual... that close up shot of Tom's hands shaping "the box" in which he put his soul is all about a glimpse of what's going to happen to him next. This series is going to need a hell of a script to keep interest alive after such a key character has gone..."

Emi, Chelmsford

"Episode 2 of the third series, while very entertaining, made MI5 seem more like the Soviet KGB in its willingness to ill-treat and exploit its fellow citizens, and was so untrue to real life. Given the strenuous efforts made in special forces operations to avoid loss of life, it is improbable that MI5 would expose ordinary civilians to deadly danger in the way described here. Finally, I am sorry to see Tom Quinn crack up and depart, which also stretches credibility, given what I imagine must be a very rigorous selection for such people. Such sensationalism is a sort of dumbing down."

Miland Joshi, Birmingham

"Good episode. Although, it did confirm one thing that was obvious. The Adam Carter character was brought in to replace Tom. Not sure if that will end up being a good thing or not. Still, credit to the writers for doing the unexpected thing and writing Tom out of the series. Or have they.....?"

David, Swansea

"A poor way of writing Tom out! Very weak. It is like being at school, writing an essay and being told to wrap it up in 5 minutes because the lesson has to end. It did not do the character any justice and was as if the writers had come to a blank on how to write him out. Should have him dying in death-defying circumstances! Defusing a nuclear bomb or something exciting. He could always come back... they could make it that he resigned to go deep under-cover, that no-one know about - not even Harry..."

Ricardo, Rochester, Kent

"A fantastically paced episode that once again showcased Spooks as being one of the best shows that the BBC has produced in recent times. In conjunction with the marvellous series Hustle, the BBC has shown itself to have the skills to give us true entertainment, this time with fast paced and gripping action. Hugely saddened to see Tom leave. Hopefully there will be a return for him."

Tom, Cardiff

"No Tom Quinn! What can I say? Absolutely speechless! A sad way to go - losing your mind. I thought he could defect to the CIA. Then again, Tom's not a fool for his country!"

Chris, Wirral

"Heartbreaking. Tom Quinn is the heart and soul of Spooks. How is Spooks going to recover from this? He was so vulnerable. Better way to go than Peter Salter or Helen though. Episode minimised any sentimentality in Tom's departure. A brief goodbye chat with Harry and a teary smile from Zoe. Adam Carter has big shoes to fill."

Isobel Swan, Northamptonshire

"I have discovered what makes Spooks so incredibly watchable. And to understand that, it helps if you've seen Michael Mann's tour de force, Heat. In it, we see cops and robbers fight it out and I think you can guess who wins. And yet it's hailed as one of the all-time greatest films... why? Because of the characters. Because this is a frazzled burnt-out cop whose wife is playing him for money and sleeping around with her sleazy boyfriend and mistreating their child. Because the robber is a man tied by friendship, loyalty and love. Because it is so superbly written, crafted and acted. Can you see where I am going with this? Spooks. Every week, come 10 o'clock, the plot is solved, the terrorists defeated for another week, another op gone well, plot foiled. So why do we return every week? Because of the characters. Because when we see episodes standing in their own right, resolved every week, the characters are what keep developing. No 24 -style week-to-week storylines. No Alias-style cliffhangers. What we have are characters that have changed, developed, matured and been nurtured, constantly evolving and ever-changing. That was why when Tom left, I wasn't shocked, I wasn't surprised. It was the natural end to his story - that Spooks can survive without it's principal principal is something marvellous about it. 24 couldn't do it, neither could Alias. My guess is, the only we'll ever see Tom again is if he turns up having hatched a plot against MI5 for revenge. But let's face Spooks...anything can happen. Roll on Episode 3."

Rob, London

"I'm gutted that Tom has gone. I am tempted to stop watching. He was the main man. Has Tom gone for ever?"

Sabrina, Staffordshire

"OMG - Loved latest ep of Spooks - love Adam Carter. The way he walked in and took charge, one word - brillant! Can't wait until next ep!!!"

Carly, Northern ireland

"After last week's high-paced and gripping start to the new series, this week's episode was a bit of a disappointment. The main reason for this was unrealistic treatment of Tom by his colleagues. Their heartless rejection of him, given their shared history and Tom's recent life-shattering events, made the characters feel shallow. It was as if the writers sacrificed the realism of the characters in order to satisfy some future possible plot line."


"In my opinion there is no Spooks without Tom. I'm worried. But saying that, I did enjoy episode two's obviously high quality acting and a decent story as usual - but Tom needs to come back."

Seb Smith, Kent

"Top marks for the shock factor tonight! I must admit I never saw Tom's demise coming, especially so early in the series! Obviously the Adam Carter character is being primed as the new hero but I wonder if this could backfire slightly. A nation awaits to see if Carter is up to filling Tom's boots!"

Denis Mellon, Glasgow

"This was a really lame way for Tom to go out of the series. Disappointed!"

Clifford, Ireland

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