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28 October 2014

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Tom, Zoe, and Harry
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Who recruited Tom to MI5?
Where was that aquarium?
Who's in charge?
What does EERIE stand for?
Is Spooks coming to America?

Angela asks
'Who recruited Tom to MI5?'

Though Tom refuses to discuss the events that led to his entry into the Security Service, series 1, episode 4 revealed that Tom was recruited by Peter Salter (played by Anthony Head), one of MI5's top officers.

Chris Brown asks:
'In series 2, episode 4, there were several scenes of a meeting going on in what would appear to be a underwater aquarium. Can you tell me where these scenes were filmed?'

The location where Tom and Christine met was the Pacific Ocean display on the Lower level of the London Aquarium, which can be found on the South Bank of the Thames (nearest station Waterloo International).

David Brewis asks:
'Last night at a pub quiz, we were asked who is in charge of the counter-terrorist unit in 'Spooks'. We put Harry Pearce, but the quizmaster reckoned it was Tom Quinn. It cost us £500! Were we correct?'

£500 is a lot of money, and I don't want to take sides, but... technically Tom Quinn runs counter-terrorism operations within Section B, a section that falls under the remit of Harry Pearce. Technically both answers are right, though your rather strict quizmaster seems to have been a little more specific.

Elizabeth Holden asks:
'What does EERIE stand for?'

Mentioned in episode five of this series, it stands for 'Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise.'

Andrew Hall wants to know:
'Will Spooks be shown in America?'

[spooks] is scheduled to appear sometime in summer 2003 on the A&E network. Renamed 'MI5', the series will be one long run of episodes right from the beginning of series one through to the last episode of series two.

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Who recruited Tom to MI5?
Where was that aquarium?
Who's in charge?
What does EERIE stand for?
Is Spooks coming to America?
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