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24 September 2014

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Series 4, Episode 8

The Russian


Harry has tasked Adam with keeping an eye on Hugo Ross. He was a double agent for the Russians during the cold war, and still a huge believer in communism. Adam is angry that he's been given such routine work, and discovers he's been cut out of something much bigger, Operation Songbird. He begs Harry to be allowed to take part, but Harry simply tries to persuade Adam to spend some time with the service psychiatrists in Tring. Adam refuses to admit he needs it, but he hasn't even been able to bring himself to tell Wes or Fiona's parents about her death.

The rest of the team are hectic with Operation Songbird. Adam manages to get information about the operation from Ruth. Time is running out fast and they are dangerously close to committing treason by trying to wreck a deal by the Government to sell the NHS to a Russian criminal billionaire. The team are watching a GCHQ mole who is passing information to the billionaire, Oleg Korsakov, through her boyfriend.


Adam sneaks into the surveillance van and says they ought to bring the mole in immediately. But his advice is rejected and Zaf and Jo tell him to get out. He does, but he watches the mole in his own way. He follows her and her boyfriend into a nightclub, and sees the boyfriend inject her with a drug. He rushes over and drags her out of the club, but it's too late, the drug completely wipes her memory and she's now incapable of giving them any information.

Harry sends Adam to Tring, threatening him with the sack if he doesn't go. Harry and Zaf pay Hugo Ross a visit. Harry thinks Hugo is the man who can get information out of Korsakov. He tempts Hugo, by explaining how the capitalist billionaire has betrayed everything communism stood for. Hugo agrees to go undercover with Zaf.

Jo and Zaf

Adam leaves the psychiatric unit at Tring and finally manages to persuade Harry to let him in on Songbird. He oversees the surveillance as Zaf and Hugo meet with Korsakov, pretending to be interested in writing the life-story of his father. After 7 hours of talk, they are no nearer to getting the information they need and Korsakov brings the meeting to a close. With only hours before the deal is finalised between the Governement and Korsakov, things look desperate. Adam phones Hugo's mobile, pretending to be an estate agent. Hugo understands Adam's coded message, and tells Korsakov that Zaf is an MI5 agent.

Adam and Hugo

Korsakov's team hold a gun to Zaf's head. His power over the MI5 man is enough to encourage Korsakov to gloat about his plans to destroy the NHS. The surveillance team now have all the information they need to prevent the deal and send the rescue teams in to get Hugo and Zaf. Korsakov realises he's been set up and injects Hugo with the memory wiping drug. Luckily the team were expecting this and have the antidote ready. As the mission is brought to a successful conclusion, Adam starts to accept the reality of what happened to Fiona.

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