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28 October 2014

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Series 4, Episode 7



A message comes through from Damascus suggesting that the Syrian Foreign Minister, Riyad Barzali, wants to talk to MI5. Unfortunately he is constantly guarded by a secret service minder, making it virtually impossible to get him alone. If the secret service find out that he wants to meet with the British he will almost certainly be killed.

Fiona insists that she should be the one that goes undercover, posing as a PR executive. Adam is extremely worried about her mixing with the Syrians. They first met when she was married to a Syrian spy, Farook. After Farook beat Adam to within an inch of his life, Adam and Fiona framed Farook, convincing the Syrian authorities that he was working for the Israelis and Farook was hanged. Fiona escaped to England and safety with Adam. She could be in great danger if she is recognised. He insists that Jo goes undercover with Fiona to distract attention.

Fiona and Adam

Over a business lunch with Barzali and his minder, the team slip a drug into Barzali's meal. He collapses and is taken to hospital, but his minder insists on going with him. At the hospital they drug the minders drink so he falls asleep giving them a few moments alone with Barzali. He tells them he wants help to kill the head of the Syrian secret service.

Barzali is released from hospital, and is taken to a hotel. But two men are waiting for him, and he is killed. Fiona receives a call inviting her to give a presentation to Barzali at the hotel. She refuses to let Jo come up to the room with her, and when she gets in there, she is held at gunpoint, and bundled into a car.


Jo immediately contacts the Grid, sensing something dreadful has happened. Fiona is taken to an underground carpark where she swaps cars. In the new car is her husband, Farook. The hanging was not successful and he escaped and has been living in hiding, waiting for the moment to get revenge. Adam realises that Fiona knew this all along, and deliberately went undercover to try and finish things between Farook and herself once and for all.

The team work out that the Syrians will want to get Fiona out of the country discreetly and track down a small airfield where a plane is due to leave that day. They delay the plane, but causing a security alert.


When Farook discovers the delay he locks Fiona into a portacabin. She searches around desperately and smashes a photo-frame on the wall. She uses the glass to slash her wrist. Farook comes in and finds her lying in a pool of blood - he rushes over to her, just as she planned. She stabs in the neck with a shard of glass.

Just at this moment Adam arrives at the airport. She runs from the portacabin towards him, but Farook is not dead yet, he shoots Fiona. She falls to the ground, and Adam shoots and kills Farook. Adam begs Fiona to hold on, and calls for an ambulance. It's too late. Fiona dies in his arms.

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