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2 September 2014
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Series 4, Episode 3

Divided They Fall

MP William Sampson and Keith Moran

As a result of recent terror attacks, the British public have become fearful and increasingly conservative. Attacks and riots against asylum seekers are common. MP William Sampson announces he is crossing the floor and will fight an election as a representative of the far right party, The British Way.

Fiona and Adam

The Spooks recognise the dangers of letting The British Way have power, so decided to destroy the party from the inside. Adam goes undercover as a party member to try and cause a row between the leaders. Meanwhile Harry, with the help of a little blackmail, persuades another MP, Peregrine Howell-Davies, to help the plot. Juliet is not convinced Harry is taking the right course of action and suggests assassination instead.

Keith Moran, leader of The British Way, is initially sceptical about Adam, suspecting him of being a journalist. He takes Adam bird watching while other members of the party search Adam's flat. As a warning to Adam, Moran mentions that the body of the last infiltrator has never been found. Luckily the legend has been well constructed, right down to his Auntie May who lives in a safe house nearby.

Adam and Ruth

After a child is murdered in Hull by an asylum seeker, tensions increase further and Moran decides to take action. He goes out in a car, with a crossbow - intending to shoot a random immigrant. Adam persuades Moran to let him do the shooting and pretends to miss, shooting a man in his leg instead. He warns Moran that Sampson is plotting against him, saying his cousin has proof.

Meanwhile Fiona persuades Sampson that Howell-Davies would be a better second in command than Moran. She records him as he commits to sacking Moran after the election. Ruth poses as Adam's cousin and hands these tapes to Moran. Finally they set Sampson up at a press conference. They trick him into believing ten MPs are going to arrive and announce their support for him, but instead he is left alone looking foolish in front of the press cameras.

Keith Moran

The operation seems to have been successful, but Sampson tips Moran off that he's been tricked. Ruth arrives at the safe house to find Auntie May has been drowned in the bath and she and Adam are bundled into a van and dumped at the nature reserve. Moran has his crossbow and they have to run for their lives. Adam urges Ruth to leave him while he distracts Moran; it works and she disarms him with a branch.

The dirty tricks have been successful in discrediting Sampson, so he loses the election. Moran has already confessed to killing the infiltrator, and Adam is able to get evidence to imprison him for murder.

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