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24 September 2014

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Two Thousand Acres of Sky

The Cast

Kenny - Paul Kaye

Kenny - Paul Kaye
Paul Kaye made his name and became a cult figure as Dennis Pennis.

Paul starred in two series of the TV comedy, Perfect World.

Paul hosted the tv show
Liar, Liar
Paul Kaye joined us for a chat on February 7th, following episode 6 of the new series. Read what he had to say when he answered your questions...

BBC McHost: OK, let's get started with the first question...

Question from karen d: what made you want to leave the programme? I'm sure many people like me find you one of the most popular characters. The show will never be the same.

Paul Kaye: I just wanted to move on. I've enjoyed it for two and half years. It was my first acting break and now I want to explore. I didn't know what else to do with the character. I think it's time to be nasty again.

Question from Sharrie: Did you get emotional filming the final scenes, and by the way you played a blinder....

Paul Kaye: Thank you very much! I did yeah, it's odd playing dead! The worst bit was the creepy-crawlies on the beach - I had a weird shrimp-thing in my ear. I've just been watching it with my family and there were lots of hugs!

Question from Kat.b: How did you find out about the part of Kenny? and How did you get it?

Paul Kaye: I'd been writing a series for channel 4 for 2 years, but it didn't get commissioned. So I asked my agent to try and find me a casting and it was my first one. They'd auditioned a few guys and I walked in with my leather jacket and they said yeah! Luckily, I had my mobile with me - I was in the supermarket when I got the call.

Question from Karen: Did you ever get any pressure from the Beeb to tone down the 'punk-ness' of your appearance (assuming that was your influence coming through)? Or was that one of the conditions of your agreeing to do the show?

Paul Kaye: No, but I have to tone down my language! I tend to improvise with a lot of filth but Kenny is a granny-friendly character. I can't wear any of my clothes any more - cos I look like Kenny! I've also shaved all my hair off.

Question from abby: I read somewhere that you don't like your mullet. Are you going to cut it off now 2000 AoS is finished?

Paul Kaye: January 1st I had it shaved and it feels fabulous!

Question from Kate: Is it true you all the clothes you wear in the series are your own? Kenny certainly seemed to have a lot of jackets! And how come the Clash t-shirt looks relatively new - surely it should have fallen apart by now?

Paul Kaye: That is actually from 1981 I got it at a Lyceum gig, so you're wrong - it is old - 22 years old! They don't make them like that any more.

Question from nrparmar: Can you really play the guitar?

Paul Kaye: No. I used to play bass in a band. That was all faked and it's not my musical taste either. I couldn't believe I had to sing a Nik Kershaw song! How humiliating.

Question from Ann-Marie: Is it true you used to be the singer in a rock band in Israel with a bloke called Fraser Thomson who played guitar?

Paul Kaye: Yeah! We were called Stoned in Gazza!

Question from tintin: If you could choose any band at all, which would you want to be in?

Paul Kaye: I would've wanted to be in the Sex Pistols or Velvet Underground or the Clash. I got a letter from Sid Vicious's mum before she died - she really enjoyed the programme.

Question from Michael G: What football team do you support?

Paul Kaye: The Champions! I hope that was a Man U fan! I remember this artistic discussion I had with a writer about which football top I'd wear.

Question from vicky bee: Who came up with all Kenny's witty comments and proverb type things? coz they were really cool.

Paul Kaye: The writer, Tim. There was a bit of impro, but Tim was mostly responsible. Tim and Kenny are sort of soulmates. The spirit of the show came through Tim, so he's not very happy with me!

Question from Michael: What now after 2000 Acres Paul?

Paul Kaye: I've finished my first film called Black Ball, directed by Mel Smith. Johnny Vegas and Bernard Cribbins are in it. It's about bowls - trying to make bowls sexy. Brian who was Dennis Pennis's agent - I'm writing stuff around him for a sitcom. Acting is fun, but it only half-fulfils me, really. And I'll miss Scotland, I love that place.

Question from jane: How long do you think you could actually live on Skye ?

Paul Kaye: We've been thinking about moving to the country. I don't think I'd miss the city. I could live there. It wasn't filmed in Skye, you know, there are too many midges there.

Question from Nina: What is your biggest inspiration in life?

Paul Kaye: My children. Two lovely sons. One's 11 years old and the other's 11 days old! The new one's middle name is Strummer - that shows you how big an influence the Clash is to me.

Question from Cisco: What does your son think of Dennis Pennis?

Paul Kaye: He loved him, but didn't understand a word of it! He was in one of the videos playing a young Dennis. He wasn't a big fan of Kenny, he thought he was a bore.

Question from jane: Would you consider a part in 2000 Acres of Hawaii ?

Paul Kaye: Yeah, I'd say yeah! Imagine I could knock up a few shirts. As long as my guitar was burnt.

Question from Piglet: Which character are you most like - Dennis or Kenny?

Paul Kaye: Abby! A bit of both, I suppose, Yin and Yang.

Question from MikeH: Is this really the end? South Park's Kenny always returned next week! Can Kenny return in some way?

Paul Kaye: (laughing) When I was lying on the beach, I opened my eyes and all the crew were wearing 'who killed Kenny?' T-shirts!

Question from beck: Are you going to do any more Perfect World?

Paul Kaye: No, I'm not. That got scrapped. I thought the second series was better, but not really my cup of tea.

Question from kirsty: who wud u like to star with in a next film?

Paul Kaye: I'd love to work with Steve Coogan and Simon Pegg. I love Gabriel Byrne - he's the best James Bond that never was. Miller's Crossing is my all time favourite films, no, that's not true - it's ONE of my favourites

Question from fifa: Would you ever go on a celebrity reality television show?

Paul Kaye: No way! I can't understand why people want to inflict themselves on the public like that, it's a very odd thing to do. I was in the frame for celebrity fame academy - but no way! Cameras 24 hours a day!

Question from Dwayne: You didn't happen to see my car keys when you were on the beach? I lost them at about the same place you were acting.

Paul Kaye: Yeah, I've got them and I'll nick your car!

Question from loisp01: Now that I've dried my eyes and wiped my nose, are you working on anything right now?

Paul Kaye: I'm writing. Cos we've just had the baby I'm taking some time off. I'm lazy... that was the best part about playing Kenny, he doesn't do anything but sit on a jetty!

Question from mrs poyet: If you were offered a part in Eastenders would you take it?

Paul Kaye: No. No way. It over-exposes you and it sounds as if it's too much like hard work. I got thrown off the set when I was doing Top of the Pops - Vindaloo. I gobbed on Arthur's bench when we were trooping round Albert Square and got told to leave!

Question from Boro: Did u really kill and gut that fish !!??

Paul Kaye: (laughs) no, the prop people did it. It was a waste of salmon.

Question from missrubyg: Do you like changing nappies?

Paul Kaye: Yeah, it's all right. My newborn peed in my mouth while I was asleep with my mouth open and my wife was changing him. I will get an apology off him, even if I have to wait five years! Mind you, he peed in his own ear about 5 minutes later!

Question from dawnbn: Do you speak posh as in the Xmas advert? or do you speak like Kenny?

Paul Kaye: More like Kenny. I love those adverts. I got paid in vouchers! And tinsel.

Question from griff: What was your favaorite episode of 2000 acres of Sky?

Paul Kaye: In the first series, the ghost story - ep 4? It seemed to be a bit more magic and mystery which suits the nature of the place. Murdo's wife wandering around senile and I'd read the kids a ghost story and the old woman was sneaking in in the middle of the night to make tea.

Question from Dee1: Do you own a comb?

Paul Kaye: (laughs) - not any more I don't, no.

Question from Judy: Would you let your children become actors?

Paul Kaye: I'd rather they didn't. I don't think they will. Hopefully they won't be as dysfunctional as me!

Question from jane: Were you a rebel or a boffin at school ?

Paul Kaye: I was a boffin at rebellion!

Question from dude: Would you ever consider playing Dr Who if it was revamped?

Paul Kaye: Dr Who? Weird one! No, I'd play Davros.

Question from Neil: I found the dream sequence a bit confusing!

Paul Kaye: I thought they might! I did when I read it. I think they edited it down. I think there was one more waking up on the beach. It's just the things that go through someone's mind when they die. People should have known that as soon as the lighter worked - he'd died.

Question from Dave: Where was your death filmed?

Paul Kaye: It was a place just up the coast from Port Logan where we film the show. The nearest big town is Stranraer. It was a stunning beach with these big rock shapes coming out of the sand. I can't believe I went up in a chopper - I had to sign a next-of-kin form before I got in! It's the RAF that take you up - they were so young and spotty! I was looking for the experienced crew! It makes a helluva noise. Thank you everyone for typing in. It's been very enjoyable and I'm off to change a nappy. Up the Gunners! And lotsa love!


• The actors and the make up team are the first on set at 6.30am. After breakfast, they go through make up and wardrobe and should be 'on camera' by 8.00am.


Filming usually finishes at 7pm, so the actors get away by about 7.30pm. The remainder of the crew are finished by 8pm.

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