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24 September 2014

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Script examples

Writing Scripts

Got some great ideas, but aren't quite sure how to get them down on paper?

Here's a selection of demonstration and real BBC television and drama scripts to show you how.


Demonstration scripts
  • Basic dialogue script »
    The simplest form of script - just the words.
  • Radio-style script »
    Includes sound effects.
  • Screenplay-style script »
    A script with lots of description of locations, character's motives etc.

  • BBC TV and radio scripts
    Want to see how the professionals do it? Here's some extracts from real TV and radio scripts to show you.
    These files are in PDF format - You will need Adobe Acrobat to view them.

  • BBC Shakespeare adaptations - a scene from Much Ado About Nothing by David Nichols
  • Doctor Who - a scene from Dalek by Rob Shearman
  • Holby City - episode 4/42 (from the writersroom website).
  • EastEnders - Episode 872 (from the writersroom website).

  • The Archers - Tom has to sack Neil, a scene from the episode of 8 August 2005 by Jo Toye
  • Dead Ringers - An Archers spoof by Nev Fountain and Tom Jamieson.
  • Links
    It doesn't matter if you don't bother with following standard formats in your 60 Second Shakespeare script, but if you are interested in scriptwriting, the BBC writersroom website has plenty more examples, as well as free scriptwriting software available to download.

    There's also a very good guide to formatting a screenplay available from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences site. You know, they're the people who give out the Oscars.

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    Shakespeare's plays, themes and characters

    Getting started

    Get Started
    Got everything you need?

    Check out our handy guides to make sure, and to find links to essential software.

  • Film essentials
  • Audio essentials
  • Photo slideshows
  • Top Tips

    Get Started
    Take advice from the experts.

    Read top tips from professional actors, writers and directors, from shows including EastEnders, Doctor Who and Casualty.

  • Writing tips
  • Acting tips
  • Directing tips
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