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24 September 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Ophelia's Madness"

By Swanshurst Girls' School - teacher Louise Watson

Featuring 8a1 English Class

Watch "Ophelia's Madness"

About this film

We explored ideas of madness in relation to Ophelia in Hamlet. Then, using the school grounds as stimulus, we looked at portraying Ophelia's conflicting feelings. After filming, we used 'choppy' editing techniques to give the piece a bizarre feel.

Your reviews

Yay! The film is great. It's wacky, random and well... MAD! Thats the point - isnt it? :D

Good idea, pretty weird! Shame the film quality didn't support it though.

Romana + Jay
Great graphics, but i didn't really get it!

We've worked hard at this! Go Swanshurst!

Susan from New York
Your collective Ophelia and your edited snippets of madness...well...brilliant! You go girls!

That was so cool.

Hey, that's a good movie you got there.

MaSTa R*sTa
This just rocks, go Swanshurst. I think it's wonderful, nice 1!!!!

Well good.

I think the basic idea is good. I think the performers are sometimes a bit hesitant - be bold and brave - it's a good idea!

Rosemarie Grute
Fantastic, wonderful!

I hate to say this being the first person but it was confusing. Funny and random, but confusing.

This is well wacky! I like the editing.

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