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24 September 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Richard III"

St James Catholic High School - teacher Frances Lysak

Featuring Gioacchino as Richard III, Richard as Richmond, Damien as Clarence, Nicola as Anne/Soldier, Christine as Elizabeth/Soldier, Olivia as Servant/Soldier, Francesca as Soldier.

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About this film

The aim behind this treatment of Richard III was to present Richard as a modern political leader. The students wanted to show not only how power corrupts Richard, but also how it tarnishes all around him. The costumes used gave a sense of a lavish, extravagant lifestyle, where the trappings of wealth mask the ruthlessness lying beneath.

The students were keen to use elements of Shakespeare's language and chose to focus on the best-known lines in the play. However, they also wished to play around with language, just as Shakespeare himself did, and this led them to write their own script, translating Shakespeare's words into a modern day vernacular.

Your reviews

gals dat used 2 go to Rosary skool primary!!
wicked film!! really good acting. we think its her but is holly in this play? she is in year 8 and we couldn't see her face properly!! if it aint she has a double!! lee n ejehi xxx

Very nice movie indeed, very good role played by all especially richmond, but well done a great film

Owen Lysak
A quite superb effort, chiefly due to the efforts of Frances "Our Kid" Lysak, clearly a natural director, worthy of a BAFTA, OSCAR and Nobel Prize for her efforts. No bias.

Marnie S
I really enjoyed your translation of the theme, well done.

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