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28 October 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Out, Out Brief Candle"

By Sherburn High School, teacher Emma Smith

Featuring Wendy and Kathryn, with guest appearances by Nicola and Hayley.

Watch "Out, Out Brief Candle"

About this film

During the study of Macbeth with my Year 9 class we looked at the BBC 60 Second Shakespeare idea. We spent half a lesson looking at the website and discussing possibilities and then I left them to it! I deliberately kept my input to a minimum in order to encourage them to think about the play, its themes, language and characters.

My main concern was that what they would learn in the process would help them respond well in the forthcoming SAT exam - it was the process rather than the product that was important. For them it was having fun and trying to create something unique and memorable that would 'get on the telly'. The result is ten films (of which this is just one) which demonstrate a boundlessly enthusiastic, imaginative and kinaesthetic approach to the teaching of Shakespeare.

Your reviews

Simon Dingwall
A good idea, but the fighting was afwul. There was too much of it. It was too slow, and they should have sped it up. Also, they don't aim for each other, you throw your sword away or try and kill the wall! And finally, they make the blocks before their opponent attacks! 4/10.

Andrew Glassford
The fighting scene is a bit slow, it could do with being faster. The person how was playing MacDuff seem to be laughing during the movie.

Kathryn Harrop
The fight scene was slightly pathetic, especially when Macduff threw the sword across the room. You couldn't really hear it and it was a little unclear.

I thought this was a good attempt of the fight scene but the fight was pretty pathetic with Wendy dropping her sword lol!

Lewis Jones
I think it was very good with the fight scene but I couldn't hear the sound.

Another good fighting scene!

Rory Coe
This was poor compared to the Macmatrix fight scenes but was still acted out quite well.

i liked the choreography of the fight but found it hard to concentrate and listen to the overvoice

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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