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28 October 2014

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Hear a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Full Fathom Five"

By Rockmount Primary School - teacher Mrs Stella Coussell, Music Co-ordinator

Featuring James (vocals and percussion), Hannah (vocals and percussion), Christopher (keyboards), Antonia (percussion).

Hear "Full Fathom Five"

About this audio

In this part of The Tempest, Ariel is luring Ferdinand away with mysterious music. We wanted to create an eerie, hypnotic effect. Christopher played a simple repeated pattern on keyboards, selecting sounds which were complex and atmospheric. He used low sounds to suggest the deep water in which Ariel said Ferdinand's father was drowned.

Antonia played a rainstick to create a sea effect. The other instruments - vibraphone, gong, sleigh bells and temple bells - were used intermittently to add to the effect. In The Tempest, Ferdinand cannot identify the source of the sounds that he hears. Hannah and James created this effect by whispering the text, overlapping their voices and using separate microphones. This was recorded live, in one take.

Your reviews

Really amazingly great!

The use of music made the atmosphere seem very eerie. well done!

Great work Rockmount Primary School, you should be proud!!!


This is fantastic, great to see audio being used so effectively and imaginatively.

It was pretty scary but very impressive all the same. Good going.

Very good. You could hear the enchanting sea couldn't you? Or was that just me? Oh well very good.

Very impressive - you've really got the mood here!


Really impressed by the under- watery feel. Sounds like a spell!

Wonderful stuff!

Well cool - I'm amazed it was done in one take.

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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