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24 September 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"The Tragedy of Macbeth"

By Hall Green School, Birmingham, teacher John Kennedy

Watch "The Tragedy of Macbeth"

About this film

Location footage taken on the south-east coast of the Firth of Forth, Scotland. The pupil's editing concept was to capture a disturbing ambience of menace and finality!

Your reviews

I think this '60 Second' thing is extremly useful for young learners and it can help them to understand it in a fun way.

Spooky :O or maybe I get freaked out easily...

Helen Ladds
I think that the video and use of it was good, however it didn't really capture the killing of Duncan and so on.

Corinna Bell
I thought that your perception of Macbeth was very original. However, there were many scenes in the play which you could have adapted to show the relevancy of your view. That is some credit you could have at least given to Shakespeare. Well done for using your right to express yourselves to the full, but it would have been nice to let the children help.

Cynthia Cott
What does this show of the play? There is a lot more tragedy in the play that you could have manipulated to show the despicable side and sadness of Macbeth. Repeating the word blood is too macarbe. Also, if you wanted to emphasise the death's, the scene where Lady Macbeth thinks she sees blood on her hands would have been a great way in doing so.

Carrie Bradshaw
William Shakespeare will be turning in his grave. Aren't great plays meant to be acted?

Simon Dingwall
Difficult to rate, as no acting involved. However, great idea. They took a huge risk and pulled it off superbly. i loved it. 7/10.

I did not like this at all! There was barely any recognisable connection to Macbeth with no acting! IO didn't understand! Most of the play was of the sea washing back and forth yes, Macbeth quotes will not neptunes ocean wash this from my hands but still rather unintresting

Kathryn Harrop
There was no acting, nothing was happening, there was no sound and I didn't understand what was going on! There was just the sea and a skull! What's that got to do with Macbeth?

Dominic Smith
Where was the acting??? It was really random, but it was appealing in its own different way.

Very well made and i agree with Mordecai- deeply atmospheric.

A deeply atmospheric piece, by far the best applicant to date. With environment and voice skills being exploited to the highest levels. Well Done

This isn't just aimed at your clip, but everyone's. I pose a question. Why does everybody insist on butchering Shakespeare's work?

Rebecca Chappell
I thought that this play was absolutely awful. I think it was an insult to the great William Shakespeare. There should have been more acting.

danny gregson
Excellent - worthy of The Exorcist!

This is a great video and this is cool to watch for all.

J Adams
Very creepy and menacing, reminiscent of 'Blair Witch.'

I love the use of pathetic fallacy and amphropomorphic stereotypes. I am a trainee English teacher and I must congratulate their work.

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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