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28 October 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Me Quote Shakespeare?"

By Charlton School, teacher Keith Park

Featuring Charlton School students.

Watch "Me Quote Shakespeare?"

About this film

The poem "Me Quote Shakespeare?" is performed on stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It illustrates the idea that although Shakespeare's language may sometimes be seen as difficult or obscure, we are often quoting Shakespeare without knowing it.

The poem consists mainly of lines from Shakespeare's plays that have passed into common usage.

It's performed as call and response - one person recites a line and everyone else repeats it. This lets non-speaking pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities participate in some way - by rocking, clapping or stamping for example, to the rhythm of the poetry.

Your reviews

It was brilliant, the best one i've seen so far. I thought it was clear and involved a lot of people. Plus it was on the globe stage - i'd have loved to go up there and perform! Brilliant.

It was good

Simon D
Could have done with being a teensy bit louder and clearer also the idea has been done before. 3/10

Wow, this is original and the editing was really good.

Oh bless, I love it, it's ace.

I couldn't hear it all but it was nice to see everyone take part.

This is charming, inventive and inspirational. I really enjoyed it!

Really original and extremely interesting to watch.

David Thomas
This is good. Every one took part, it was really ace and I think the poem was good.

This was great! At the globe theatre was an ingenious idea ! the rhythm built by the clapping and stomping was great! Overall, well done, I understood this and found it effective.

Awww, this is sooooooo sweet! Well done all you people who were in this! XxX

Kathryn Harrop
It was a good idea! Fantastic acting and it was fab to see everybody getting involved! Well done!

Dave Chava
They tried very hard and it was quite good. The poem was very clever.

oh bless, it's ace!

Bless - made me chuckle, was gd!

Aww wow, this is really good. You got everyone involved... no matter what they were doing. Well done.

Nice try, well done.

danny gregson
made it real - full of life!

I love it!

This is a great performance from SEN statemented students from a London special school. Well done!

Lesley Rahamin
Good to see Shakespeare's words being appreciated in so many different ways.

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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