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28 October 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Romeo and Juliet"

By Balshaw's High School, Teacher Mrs Mo Whittam

Featuring Rebecca, Sean, Lee, Laura, Oliver, Charlotte, Sam, William, Stephen, Martin, Charlotte, Alex, Luke, Stephen, Ben, Nick and others.

Watch "Romeo and Juliet"

About this film

We chose this play as it is this year's school production. This brought all age groups in the school together to perform. We decided to keep our piece fairly traditional and selected certain scenes to portray in freeze frames. We attmepted to tell the full story. The voice overs were either pertinent quotes from Shakespeare or arouse out of 'thought banding' techniques. When our editors selected the black background and white font for the written narrative between scenes it reminded us of the old silent movie style of presentation. This became even more evident when the music was added in the background. We hope that you can see the mood of the characters in the scenes from their body language and facial expressions.

Your reviews

Woooooow that was the best well done everyone i loved it i am glad that is my shcool

cool. but yes, make the lips move when people speak.

* Helen *
It's OK, but why didn't you make the pictures move when you spoke? It looked like you just took photographs.

That was cool for 60 seconds.

Katie B
That was brill. Every single person in it worked so hard. I'm proud it was my school.

Well done. I enjoyed watching that :]

Jess c
Wow, that was really great!

Naomi S
I loved the play which I actually went to watch, and wished I could watch it again. So I thought I would at least watch this and it was great! I'm also really proud that it was my school.

I thought this was really good. I thought that the editing was well done by Nick. It told the story well in a different way which I haven't seen before and which was very well done to watch. It made me understand it better than I had at school. Hope to see more plays like this one in the future. x

Wooo that was great :D Well done people :D

Ashleigh Branston
A great 60 Second Shakespeare!

It was really good - I liked the still pictures. Good facial expressions.

Jennifer Mather
That was very good the writting was the best, it looked very good and I am very proud that is my school.

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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