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24 September 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"A Midsummer Night in Blackpool"

By Arnold School, Blackpool - Teacher, Mrs Claire Fean

Featuring Olivia as Titania, Natalie, Hannah, Emily and Steph as fairies, Joel as Puck, Chris as Bottom, and Stuart, Greg, Robbie, Paul, Joel and Robert as drunks.

Watch "A Midsummer Night in Blackpool"

About this film

The class chose to re-work an extract from A Midsummer Night's Dream as we were studying the play in class. The class were split into groups and they planned an alternative script and modernisation of the scene where Titania falls in love with Bottom.

Then each group gave a presentation and sample of their own reworking of the scene. The rest of the class voted on which "modernisation" we would choose to do further work on. The group particularly wanted to capitalise on the fact we live in Blackpool - the hen and stag capital of the UK - and incorporated this into the fabric of their film.

The faries and Titania plan a night out in Blackpool, and pose as faries on a real hen night to make Oberon jealous. Oberon decides to teach Titania a lesson and sends Puck to place a love potion in Titania's drink. She falls in love with a drunken "Bottom" on his stag night when she hears him singing on the karaoke!

Your reviews

The sound is a bit difficult but the idea is a brilliant one, and really brings the play up to date.

Great thinking to set it in Blackpool wild night out country.

Matt brown
OK, but hearing it was a bit difficult,

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