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28 October 2014

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Watch a 60 Second Shakespeare

"Romeo and Juliet (The Ball)"

By Peters Hill Primary School
Teacher - Mrs K Thomas

Featuring Stephen - Romeo, Chelsea - Juliet, Ben - Lord Capulet, Leanne - Lady Capulet, Michael - Lord Montague, Amber - Lady Montague, Ricky - Tybalt, Scott - Mercutio, Stephanie - Paris, Chris - Friar Lawrence, Karl - Balthasar, Harry - the apotecary, Jai - the postman, Miss Le G - bouncer & chief of police, Emma & Yasmin - costumes, Lara & Shauni - props, Adam - director, Jonathan - director & cameraman

Watch "Romeo and Juliet (The Ball)"

About this film

This sets up the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and the families involved. We decided to tell the main themes of the play with a modern twist! As you will see from our modern day fancy dress costumes!

At our school, Year 9 study "Romeo & Juliet" as one of their Spring term units in both English and Drama.The class chose to act out the whole play, picked out the key scenes, assigned parts, sorted out costumes and props, practiced and filmed that project all by themselves - they should be very proud of what they have produced!

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60 Second Shakespeare

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60 Second Shakespeare

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