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24 September 2014

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The 60 Second Star
(none) | Print-friendly version Petruchio and Kate "Kiss me, Kate, 'We will be married a Sunday.'"
Petruchio (above) Act 2, Scene 2
Kate Weds!

They said it couldn't be done - but Petruchio of Verona proved bold enough to make Katherina Mignola his bride!

Up until recently the tasty but tactless elder daughter of Baptista Mignola had kept any would-be hubbys away with her hot temper and sharp tongue.

But when a bevy of blokes buzzing around beautiful younger sis Bianca discovered there'd be no wedding bells for her before curvy Kate got hitched, they took action by bringing in brave bachelor Petruchio.

He swept the shrewish spinster off her feet, and within days they were married. Not a moment too soon for Bianca's would-be wooers Lucentio, Hortensio and Gremio.

Many predicted storms ahead for the newly-weds, but no-one expected the bad behaviour Petruchio unleashed on his boisterous bride. He:

Wore RAGS to his own wedding.
DRAGGED Kate from the reception
STARVED his new wife
TOOK AWAY her new clothes
RAGED at his staff.

who's whoContinued below...
Katherine MignolaKatherina Mignola
Baptista's hot-tempered elder daughter, Kate was used to doing exactly what she wanted - until she met Petruchio, that is! A spirited girl, Kate's also heiress to a considerable fortune.
Bianca MignolaBianca Mignola
Beautiful and submissive, young Bianca seemed like the perfect woman at first. Unlike Kate, she's quiet and peaceable - but she's adept at using her feminine charms to get what she wants.
Petruchio is eccentric, headstrong and bold. He takes no nonsense from anyone, man or woman. He liked the look and spirit of Kate, and decided to make her his - and for once she'd met her match.
LucentioLucentio, Gremio & Hortensio
These three gents all had their hearts set on Bianca. In the end Lucentio (pictured) won out, with oldster Gremio giving up in disgust and Hortensio marrying a rich widow instead.

Finally, Kate gave in and admitted that her husband was the boss - probably with her fingers crossed behind her back! Once that was sorted, they got on fine.

Meanwhile, flirty Bianca played off her admirers against each other.

Lover Lucentio was the happy man, after proving that his wallet was thick enough to keep her in high style.

Still, he may think he's a lucky man, but unlike Petruchio, he's got a wayward wife who won't come when he calls!

"She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house,"

Petruchio Act 3, Scene 2
"Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee"
Kate, Act 5, scene 2

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