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24 September 2014

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The 60 Second Star
(none) | Print-friendly version Hero and Claudio "I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me"
[Beatrice, Act 1, Scene 1]
You're not MY Hero!

Guests at an exclusive wedding ceremony looked on in shock as bridegroom Claudio rejected his bride-to-be Hero in a dramatic outburst. He accused her of cheating on him, made suspicious by malicious lies spread by so-called friend Don John.

whirlwind romance
The young lovers had got together when Claudio and best mate Benedick, stayed at the home of Leonato, Hero's father.

Romance was in the air; on top of Claudio's proposal, Benedick and Hero's cousin Beatrice fell for one another - with a bit of help from their friends.

jilted at the altar!
However, the day before the wedding, two-faced killjoy John tricked him into thinking Hero was playing around. Once in church, Claudio confronted her at the altar, then walked out, leaving his stricken bride faint with shock.

who's whoContinued below...
Hero's cousin is a girl with a sharp tongue but great sense of humour.
An old mate of Benedick, her feelings for him grew when she heard he'd fallen for her.
Known for his witty ways, Benedick is always a great laugh. For years he said he'd never marry, but when he heard Beatrice had a thing for him, he changed his mind!
Young beauty Hero is a quiet girl, who's loyal, honest and used to doing what she's told!

A sheltered upbringing has left her very innocent.
Headstrong but brave, Claudio recently returned from a tour of duty as a soldier, where he fought alongside Benedick. He's a good bloke, but needs to trust people more.

Luckily, the keen eyes of local police quickly cleared Hero's name, but her father and friends hatched a plot to punish fickle lover Claudio.

After the hard-hearted love-rat learnt of Hero's innocence, Leonato told him the shock had killed her.

Guilty and grief-stricken, Claudio agreed to do whatever the tragic dad told him - only to find himself walking up the aisle with Hero once more!

This time it was a double celebration, as Beatrice and Benedick tied the knot too. Aaah!

What they said:
"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."

[Hero, Act 3, Scene 1]
"Done to death by slanderous tongues
Was the Hero that here lies"
[Claudio, Act 5, Scene 3]

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