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28 October 2014

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The cast of Rockface

Rockface is about teamwork, friendship, leadership, heartache, courage, strength of character, stubbornness, individuality and loves; Rockface is about life.

Set in the fictitious town of Glenntannoch in the Highlands, Rockface tells energetic stories packed with action and adventure, but also reveals the personal and romantic lives of the rescue team.

At its heart are the men and women who volunteer to risk their lives rescuing those in peril in the mountains. The team are brought together by their passion for the awesome mountains and their dedication to saving lives.

Gordon Urquhart (Clive Russell)

Dr Gordon Urquhart (Clive Russell) is the team's leader. He is married to a doctor, Alice (Barbara Rafferty), who's never happy at the amount of time he spends in the mountains and neglecting their surgery.

Jamie Doughan (Rupert Evans)

Jamie Doughan (Rupert Evans) is too handsome and charismatic for his own good. He's a brilliant climber who loves spending his time in the mountains, and pursuing his other great hobby - women. His mother starts working at the local hospital which he is not pleased about.

Mike Bayliss (Richard Graham)

Mike Bayliss (Richard Graham) is best friend to Jamie and owner of the local sporting equipment shop. Amiable, kind, and constantly on the lookout for a woman - any woman - who'll give him the unadulterated love and affection he thinks he deserves.

Annie Craig (Zoe Eeles)

Annie Craig (Zoe Eeles) is brave, loyal and a valued member of the Mountain Rescue Team as well as being a teacher and wife to Peter Craig. Annie's a very independent woman and she certainly doesn't struggle up the mountains just to have a chat with her husband.

Douglas McLanaghan (Brendan Coyle), Gordon's deputy and trusted friend, is the first person Gordon turns to when assessing an emergency.

Caroline Morrison (Melanie Gutteridge) brings strength, skill and a caring concern for others to the Glentannoch Mountain Rescue Team. But they are also exactly what she needs to do her day job - as a Physiotherapist.

Ben Craig (Cal Macaninch) is a man of exacting standards and decent integrity. Peter's brother is a perfectionist who suffers fools very badly, but he is tougher on himself than anyone else.

Peter Craig (Jamie Sives) is a decent and caring policeman who loves the hills and his life. Working alongside his wife Annie and brother Ben on the Mountain Rescue Team, Peter is at the heart of the action in Rockface.

Rockface was filmed on location in Scotland and based on the real Lochaber Mountain Rescue service. All the major incidents in the series were also based on real life rescues. The show ran for two series in 2002 and 2003.


Clive Russell
Dr Gordon Urquhart
Richard Graham
Mike Bayliss
Rupert Evans
Jamie Doughan
Zoe Eeles
Annie Craig
Brendan Coyle
Douglas McLanaghan
Melanie Gutteridge
Caroline Morrison
Cal Macaninch
Ben Craig
Jamie Sives
Peter Craig

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