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28 October 2014

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Rescue Me

Katie (Sally Phillips) and Luke (Oliver Chris)

Set in the hectic office of Eden magazine, Rescue Me follows journalist Katie Nash as she tries to get to grips with her equally frantic love life.

Katie (Sally Phillips) and Matthew (Vincent Regan)

In her role as Features Writer, Katie (Sally Phillips) often finds that her life strangely imitates the articles she writes for Eden.

After splitting from her husband, Matthew (Vincent Regan), pieces such as "Can women really have meaningless sex?" and "Open relationships - do they work?" start to confuse what is real and what is written.

But at least Katie has a good bunch of co-workers to get her through the bad times.

Photographer Luke (Oliver Chris) is always on hand to liven things up. A tall and good-looking charmer, Luke tries his hardest to work his way through the entire female population of London whilst trying to hide the fact that he is still living with his mum and nan. Yet Luke's playboy facade has to be maintained in an office where the guys are constantly out to impress the girls.

Emma (Sasha Behar) and Katie (Sally Phillips)

Art Director Guy (James Lance) has a big influence on the mood of the Eden staff. His evil practical jokes and habit for spreading office gossip means the men look up to him, or at least they realise he is someone they don't want to cross.

Emma (Sasha Behar) is the editor at Eden and has just as much on her mind as Katie. She faces the classic dilemma of many professional women in their thirties - whether or not she can juggle a career with having children. She’s happily married and successful at work - but her life is about to change forever.

Second in command is Natasha (Eliza Bennett). Natasha is very focused on becoming the next editor and sees Katie as a big threat. She's jealous of Katie's friendship with Emma and doesn't think twice when the opportunity arises to take revenge.

Much friendlier is Eddie (Stewart Wright), Eden's Chief Sub-Editor whose experience of being stood up at the altar has left him a broken man years later. His unrelenting devotion to his job got him through the bad times and has helped him build some strong friendships with the women in the office, including Katie.

But despite wanting to take his friendship with Katie to a more intimate level, Eddie is left playing the supportive friend role as Katie finds it hard to draw a line under her relationship with Matthew.

Matthew, too, has difficulty in leaving Katie for good and the pair have a brief reconciliation, albeit a drunken one.

Eddie (Stewart Wright) and Katie (Sally Phillips)

This one night of passion doesn't, however, make Katie forget that Matthew has also slept with Natasha.

With her marriage beyond repair it is time for Katie to take a look at her life and decide whether she's happy being alone. But then again, there's always going to be Eddie.


Sally Phillips
Katie Nash
Stewart Wright
Eddie Chisholm
Oliver Chris
Luke Chatwin
Vincent Regan
Matthew Nash
Andrea Lowe
Melanie Woods
Sasha Behar
Emma Peters
Eliza Bennett
Natasha Bell
James Lance

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