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28 October 2014

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Not naturally a girl's girl, she's also blatantly ambitious, which is why, when she sees the opportunity to work with Jo, she doesn't hesitate to use her charms on Danny to secure the opportunity. She doesn't intend to stay as a researcher for longer than a year and has big plans for herself - something she tells Danny early on and which really bugs him. When Scott drops into the office they flirt outrageously in the 'they pretend to hate each other' kind of way, which irritates Danny and amuses Jo.

Kirsty is a keen political player and despite using Danny to get into the office, she knows they have to get along. She's careful to keep Danny close and whenever he seems annoyed with her she flashes him those long legs and a winning smile and he's back in the palm of her hand.

Depending on what she wants, she can make people feel great. But she can also make them feel terrible. It's not so much that she's nasty she just rarely considers other people's feelings or the consequences of her actions. In Kirsty's world, it's all about Kirsty.

Andrea Riseborough

Andrea has appeared in TV shows such as The Secret Life of Mrs Beeton and Doc Martin.

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