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28 October 2014

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Labour MP and Danny and Kirsty's boss. Jo's on the Home Affairs select committee and is tipped for a top job in years to come. Neither a Blair or a Brownite, she's done a good job of steering between the two factions. When Kirsty joins the team Jo encourages rivalry between her two staffers. She believes competition is healthy and will make them work harder for her. She's right.

Jo hates mornings. Don't talk to her before 11am or until she's put her make up on - otherwise you'll get barked at. She can be a difficult boss and she knows it. But she's also dedicated to her constituents and to the party.

Currently Jo's having a tough time at home. The long hours in Westminster are killing her. She rarely sees her toddler son, or her husband. She has to really fight to get herself together. In the process she also learns to be a bit kinder to her young charges.

Raquel Cassidy

Raquel is best known for her role as Susan in acclaimed drama Teachers with Andrew Lincoln. She then joined the cast of Red Cap as Sergeant Neve Kirland. She has also appeared in Lead Balloon and The Worst Week of My Life.

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